Who? What? Where?

“Look at the cars! They’re so low.. How can people actually drive in them?” My mother asked as she observed Sebastian Vettel’s purple Red Bull’s Racing Formula 1 car whizzing past the camera.

My father sat silent as he observed the loud noise the cars emitted. I on the other hand continued munching my dinner (Chapathi with some potato gravy).

“But you have to admit, although they’re noisy, they’re beautiful” My father broke the silence after Felippe Massa’s car was on the screen.

I spoke but realised my mouth was full, swallowed and then said, “This is why I’m selling the tickets for. Loud noise, fast cars, hot chics, rush of adrenaline. Cheapest is RM 100. You want?”

My mother remained silent. She was awed as this was the first time she was witnessing such a “phenomenon”. Never had she seen such short little cars with loud noise.

“So this is the Formula 1?” she asked.

“Yepp” I said as I went on munching on my chapathi.

“Which circuit is this?” It was my father’s turn to ask.

“Sakhir Circuit, Bahrain”

“Where?” He cupped his ears to help him ear better. The volume was on full swing. I admit, it was kind of loud but this was the first Formula 1 race that I ever took interest in. I already know 60% of the stuff about Formula 1, right from the rules, to the circuits to the cars.


“Bahrain” my father repeated it a few times. “So the next race is where?” He asked.

“Melbourne, Australia”

“Interesting. When are they coming to KL?”

“After Melbourne, on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th of April.” I replied. My eyes were on Sebastian Vettel. He was speeding ahead of Alonso and I was really rooting for him to win.

“RM 100…” he said to himself.

I stopped munching, looked at him and then said, “You want to go?”

He sat quiet for a while and then said, “Nahh, I’m a heart patient. I can’t stand loud noise. Maybe your mother should go”

My mother jumped up, “Why me??” She was starting to blush. She too was having her dinner like me infront of the TV. I realised this runs in the family. The only person who has the discipline to have dinner at the kitchen table is my father.

My brother laughed as the sound of the engines grew louder. It was really awesome hearing the race cars roar and he was so excited that he was kicking his legs about.

I licked my fingers after finishing my dinner and then said, “I might… I’m not promising, I MIGHT get free tickets for the race. So if you want, you can go.”

“But I’ll be alone” my mum replied.

“Maybe I can ask Sangkaran or Bala to keep you company”

“What about you?” she asked.

“I’m a staff there, so I may have free entry” I kept my fingers crossed.

At the 34th lap, Vettel’s car experienced some technical difficulties which allowed both the Ferrari drivers and Mc Laren’s Hamilton to overtake him, thus leaving him at the 4th position. It was kind of sad, but honestly, had it not been for the ticketing booth work, I wouldn’t have taken interest in this beautiful sport.

As for my mum, she’s looking forward to the race as well.


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