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Who Is He?


The silent room was raped off its silence by the iPod set at the table, a voice of a grown adult man is heard, asking questions. The one who replied to the questions had a gruff voice with broken English. Based on the tone, the man seems shocked. The lone detective adjusts in his seat to hear the recording better. As the man speaks, the lone detective types everything into the laptop, into a draft based on what he heard:

“Tell us about yourself.”

“I’m Rajesh. 25 years old.”

“So what happened last night?”

“Last night, my partner and I were about to rob a girl at the Midvalley Parking Lot.”

“Alright, go on..”

“As we approached the car, suddenly, without any warning, this guy jumps down from nowhere, beats us up.”

“Well you two deserve it. What do you remember after that?”

*silence and muffled voice*

“You have to speak up. What do you remember after that?”

“I.. I can’t remember a thing. The next thing I know, I was in the police car with my partner.”


“Do you remember how this man looked like?”

“Umm.. hmm He.. err.. he wore this black suit. I couldn’t see his face. It was dark.”

“Like Batman?”

“Umm no.. This guy didn’t have a cape on him. Just black, pitch f#cking black outfits.”

“Did he say anything?”

“Nothing.. He just bashed the crap out of us.”


“He’s some kind of freak I tell you. Jumps from dark places, bashes you up and then disappears..”

“Anything else you can remember about him?”

“Umm.. he’s tall, slim but you can see he’s been working out. Extremely agile, it’s asthough he’s undergone some intensive martial arts training. Doesn’t speak a word.”

“Alright, thanks…”

The recording clicks to a stop. The detective looks up from his computer, at the window, at the city. In a distance he can see an airplane flying and as he looks at the city, he can see the twin towers, glistening in the night. His eyes roving about, searching, thinking, wondering.. Questioning.

“Who are you?” he says to himself as he lights a cigarette.


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