When I Died

I died a few hours ago. I didn’t see a bright white light nor did I feel the world around me go dark. I didn’t feel light nor did I see myself coming out from my dead corpse.


I just.. died.


It’s like yawning. You just yawn. It’s a process. Death too is a process, an activity. I died in my sleep and when I awoke I knew that I was dead and no, I was not afraid. It’s asthough I’ve experienced death countless of times that it seemed.. natural to me.


I woke up, went to the kitchen, washed my face, had my shower, I could have had my breakfast but I didn’t because I didn’t feel the urge to eat. So I sat at the porch of my house reading a book, waiting.


And then I heard the distant rumble of a vehicle approaching. It was a scooter fast approaching. The rider, was clad in a white kurta stopped short a few meters infront of me, removed his helmet and revealed his face.


He looked exactly like me. He gets down the scooter, grabs a chair and sits next to me and says, “Hello. I’m God.”


I smiled at God and replied, “Hello God.” God smiles back at me. It was funny because it felt as though I was talking to my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t feel awkward as it was as though I’ve known this identical person for a very very long time.


“So, what do you want to do, now that you’re dead?” I thought for a bit and said, “I wish to finish this book and then plan on what to do next.” God nodded. “Understood. You take your time. What book are you reading by the way?” I turned the book to reveal the cover, “I’m reading 1984 by George Orwell.”


God laughs, “Ahh good book! However, I disagree with some of the points tabled by Mr Orwell in the book.”


My gaze turned from the book to God. “Why?” God sits up straight in His chair and says, “I doubt humanity is a lost cause as implied in the book. There’s still some good.” He smiles and continues, “There can only be good if there’s bad. Light can only be experienced in the dark. And darkness can only be experience in light.”


I smile and close the book. “I think I’m done,” I say to God. “Good. Wanna go on a ride on my scooter?” I took the helmet from God’s hands, “Yes! But I’ll ride it.”


We both sat on the red scooter as I turned on the ignition and the scooter came to life.


I then tilt my head a little to the back, close to God’s face and say, “Hey, if I fall.. catch me okay?” God places his hands on my shoulder, smiles and says, “No. You won’t fall. Even if we do, we’ll fall together.” I turned around and looked at God, “But if we both fall, who’ll catch us?”


God laughs and says, “What’s wrong in falling? It’ll be fun! Come on, stop thinking, ride the scooter!” I smile and we both rode the scooter away from my house porch.




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