What’s On My Mind


Facebook has an awesome way of influencing, distracting and then making you feel bad about yourself by asking you the question, “What’s on your mind?” after all the time you’ve spent wasting on it.


What’s on my mind?


1. I need to find resources to set up the environmental booth (something which is still pending).

2. Need to download natural disaster videos for Jolene.

3. Download music and sound effects for Aunty Indra’s environmental play.

4. Need to visit Bala again today.

5. And Masala Thosai! God I love Masala Thosais! I’m going to have them for dinner tonight.

6. And I need to finish up on the Sai Inspirations as well…


All the above can wait!


Currently, I’m writing my fourth blogovel, A Cup for the Martians. I’ve just started on chapter 1. I’m not sure about making it as a blogovel or publishing it as a novel per say. I’ll just got with the flow.


Here is the teaser for you guys to feast your eyes on:




A Cup for the Martians is a story based on my schooling experience in the year 98. I was 12 then and that was the year Brazil lost to France in the World Cup. The year I was introduced to girls and teenage hood. It’s a story based on the love and passion of football and also a story dedicated to long forgotten memories and the pain of growing up.


It’s my way of saying thank you to my classmates of 6 Kenari (the Cannaries) who taught me the value of appreciating people for who they were. I miss them alot, and it’s been such a long time since I’ve met them. I hope to see them soon.


Till then, keep tuning in. More updates to come!


Love & Bear Hugs,



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