What Really Runs In Sukhbir’s Mind


A friend asked me, “What runs through your mind?” So I’m blogging to let people know what really runs through my silly mind. This may appear offensive to some people, but these are the things that run exactly in mind. Some are exaggerated for them fun of it. But hey, most of them are true.

When he takes the train


Great… 6 hours of class and now one hour journey in a packed train. Shit, it’s packed like Sardin. Hmm.. Sardin.. Wonder what mum cooked for dinner.


Owh shit! Hot chic!


Fuck… bad call. She’s ugly. Looked great from the back though.


I have a bad feeling she.. he.. it, is a transvestite. Yepp definitely a transvestite.


Hot chic alert! Wow! Nice ass… I wonder how an ugly fuck can be with her? Is it sweet talking, or money or true love? No. It’s definitely sweet talking. They always fall for that. Women *sigh*


I need to have a sit. Been standing for 30 minutes straight and legs are killing me. Maybe listening to music might cheer me up.


*Pops in headphones*


Led Zeppelin? Next. Coloniel Cousins? Umm.. nahh. Jimi Hendrix? Yes! 


Damn I need to pee..


When he’s in class

I so badly need a smoke.


Wow.. check that thing out. Her ass is sooo tight! UCSI should make rules about chics with short skirts. I can’t pay attention in class.


No wait. I retract my statement. That’s the whole point of coming to Uni man!


I wonder how long this lecturer can go on blabbering like this. Goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.. Shit I’m repeating myself.


Okay focus! Focus Sukhbir focus.


So Johann Gutenberg created the machine that – WOW! Ass crack! Yes! This image will be installed in my memory of hall of fame for the rest of my life YES! Lucky bugger you Sukhbir. You sat at the right seat, right spot, right time. Damn you Sukhbir.


No wait. Focus!


Okay so he created the machine that helped publishing. He’s called the father of publishing and I wonder if Black is on for tonight’s smoke cum dinner session. Actually it’s more of the smoke. I can have dinner at home and then smoke later with them. That way, I save cost.


Jesus focus damn it!




When he meets an annoying person


Great. Don’t look. Please don’t look. Don’t – “Owh Hi! How are you?” Pretend to smile. No you’re smiling way too much. It might appear fake. Adjust the happy muscles. A little bit. A little bit more. Okay that’s better. Now it appears more natural.


“Yeah I’m great what about?” Wow. She reminds me of a house fly. Just buzzes here and there, but they’re so annoying. 


“Yes. I’m going to class haha” What the hell am I hear for? A freaking masquerade party??


“Who? Vashina? Nah didn’t see her” I saw her. She was at the cafeteria moments ago. In your face douchebag!


“Yeah sure. You take care too. Bye!” Owhh thank God she’s gone. She gives me the shivers. Did you see the amount of hair on her legs? I wonder if she was casted as Chewbacca for the Revenge of the Sith.


Nahh apparently Star Wars 3 was digitalized. Animation. Fake stuff. Speaking of fake, the porn last night was bad. Her moaning.. Just turned me off.


Okay where were we? Owhh yeah! To C407 for my Visual Communication class. Damn I hate that class..



When he’s eating


This… is… so… orgasmic! Orgasmicalicious! Damn I’m full.


Owhh what the hell! I’ll have another one.



When he’s sitting alone


*sigh* This is nice. Just me, myself and I. I missed you Sukhbir. I think I should get another piercing. This time on my left ear, just a little above to the second one.


No wait! I should pierce my lower lip.


But they say if you do that, it means you’re a player. Am I player? No I’m not pfft. I don’t even have a girlfriend..


No wait. Maybe I am! I’m a gamer. And I play futsal. Once in a while. Okay once in a blue moon but I hell sure do play something. So I’m a player. Right?






Wait. What defines a player? Tough question. Is he someone who has multiple crushes at the same go? Or is he someone who has many girlfriends.


I think there are variety of players. Like footballers. You have Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Attacking and Defensive Midfielders, Strikers and Forwards. But they’re all players.


So yeah! I’m a player! YES!


No wait. That sounds wrong. Players are bad people. Evil heartless people. I’m not evil. I’m not heartless. I mean… bad people don’t have many friends.


But bad people are famous.


I’m famous. I know I’m famous. But I have many friends. I think. But does that make me a player? This is so confusing.


Shit I need a smoke..



When he’s around pretty girls


Okay act cool. Yes. Walk with style. Yes that’s it James Bond.


Your shoulders are hunching! Straighten up!


Alright, now keep at this pace and don’t look. Pretend she does not exist. Women always love it when men who give attention to them. So just don’t pay attention so that she pays attention to you. It’s that psychological thing in them. If you don’t look at them, they’ll be wondering why on earth you’re not looking at them so that way, they would look at you so that you look at them. It’s called the errmm.. Psychological effect. They have a word for it. But I forgot. But anyways, like I said, just-fucking-don’t-look.


Okay she just passed by me. Wow she smells nice.


*turns around*


OMG! That ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect round ass.


Owh shit she’s turning! Look at the front again!


Phew! Close call. Thank God she didn’t see me. Okay now just walk the pace, pretend you own the world.


Okay maybe not the world but the campus.


Alright, no more chics. Back to being Sukhbir again.


No wait! Straighten up! I see Iranian chics coming by! Shoulders straight! Body straight! Don’t look at them!


Yes. Just walk. Nice and steady. Easy does it.


Damn, I love her blonde hair. Why do all Iranian girls have blonde hair? Is it natural? Or it’s a fashion thing? Whatever it is, I love it.


Okay tango’s gone. Charlie to Alpha: Back to being Sukhbir again.


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