What is Enlightenment, Really?

What is Enlightenment?

Does a Soul who experiences Enlightenment sees angels in the skies or a big bright light from the heavens followed with some majestic beautiful orchestra music?


Enlightenment is a state of the Mind where the Soul sees things as they are.

To a Mind driven person, a glass of water can be perceived in the following;

Half empty. Or half full.

But a to a Soul who has Mastered the Mind, he or she just sees a glass of water. There is no need for a label as things are actually perfect as it is. Quintessential perfection.

Basically, Enlightenment, is all about seeing the world like a child does. Curious, inquisitive, excited, and no labels what so ever.

An Enlightened person would only react to a situation when the Need arises and not when the Want.

Because Wants are always Mind driven. When we speak of the Mind, we are talking about the Ego. The Ego is the cause and catalyst for our despair and sorrows. And even happiness. The Ego is the one that gives us the identity to our body. The Mind, makes you believe that you are so and so and this is the age to your current body.

The Soul is ageless, formless, genderless and balanced.

The Mind/Ego makes us think we would be happy if we have this. We think we would be secured if we did this. We think we would be sad if we didn’t do this. Have you observed that the previous sentences concerned actions and thoughts directed FROM the External world?

An Enlightened person is like a river flowing. No stops, no halts, just going and going. And like a river, it doesn’t care if people would use it to swim, or wash clothes or bath. It would keep flowing. Does the river stops flowing if someone swimming in it pees?

No. It is unaffected.

Why? Because it knows it is a river and its purpose is to flow, provide water, and merge with the Ocean.

And so, like the river, the Soul, which is you, has always known its purpose. It has always known its Goal. It is just experiencing a human life in a human form. And at the same time, it also knows it is not human, but something greater.

The External world, has no affect to the Internal world when the Soul is allowed to take charge.

You see, the External world, the world created and governed by the Mind (I call it the System), has labels and perceptions for everything. There is Good and Bad. There is God and Satan. There is Light and Darkness. There Poverty and Wealth. There is always two sides to the coin when the Mind is there.

But the Soul, which is the real You, sees both worlds as One and the same. To be correct, it doesn’t even discriminate between good and bad. It accepts and loves both and knows nothing – not a single thing – can harm it.

You are made out of three layers; the Body, the Mind and the Soul/Spirit.

You think you’re not Enlightened.

But the Soul knows it is.

Stop thinking and start feeling.

Which brings us to the next question, so how does one reach this state of the Mind?

You already are! You just don’t want to Believe in it.

Have you ever observed your Thoughts? The more negative you view the world and perceive it, the more negative it becomes? And more and more negative things start happening to you.

Why not give positivity a change?

Bend that monkey Mind to view the world in a positive way. Unchain the locks that had kept the Soul locked in a cage created by the Mind.

Set your Self free.

There are many methods to practice to understand this. Meditation, Yoga, recitations, prayers, etc.

Do whichever you feel you’re inclined to do. After all, you have always been free to choose 🙂

Ultimately, just experience Life and stop giving labels. Just see the world as it is and appreciate it.

So where do you start?

Right now. Here. Start by questioning who you really are. Start by questioning everything. Have an open Mind. Be prepared to be surprised. Be even more prepared to challenge your Belief System. Be ready to realise that they were false.

Question everything in Life. Question even me. And question, even this.

However, have immense Belief in your Self. You have always been in Control. You are Safe and Loved.

Have fun 🙂

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”
The Buddha


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