Well Done


I don’t really blame myself but at some extent you can say the fault is mine. I seem to shut myself away from the world or people completely so much so they think I’m actually angry at them. But in reality, the truth is, I’m afraid.


I’m afraid of opening up. And so I tend to distance myself because I just don’t want to go through it all. I’ll remove myself completely so much so it appears that I’ve moved on.


In honest truth, there’s no such thing as moving on. It’s a state of the mind.


Nobody actually moves on no matter how much they try to pretend and say they have. We may forget, but those memories will keep coming back to haunt us and play like a spoilt video tape recorder, over and over again.


I don’t blame anyone for not moving on or moving on. But just don’t pretend that you have. Don’t give this hope, this silly dreams. Be honest with yourself. That’s all I want.


And you were never honest. You lied to me and to yourself. Well done.


People, are so frustrating…


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