Wake Me Up

Wake me up from sleep,
When the time comes,
And if I don’t get up,
Pull the white cloth over me.

I wish i could just sleep,
Close my eyes and smile,
And forget everything,
Move on with time.

But it’s all just a lie,
I can only pretend,
I’m just static,
Standing still like a stick.

Wake me up from sleep,
Wake me up from my dreams,
And if I don’t get up,
Pull the white cloth over me.

Blow the trumpets,
Sound the drums,
Let it be a celebration,
Let it be a finale.

I can never hate,
Neither can i cry,
I can only sleep,
So wake me up.

I never really hated her. And i never will. I just hate time and destiny so much. There’s always a choice. I choose to hate it.

I just don’t know what to do. I pity her the most. I can’t believe this is happening. I tried my best. Today, for the first time in my life, i lied and told her that i hate her.

I never did hate her. Never can. Never will. Life is too painful..

I suppose each of us has a destiny. I don’t believe in destinies..


2 thoughts on “Wake Me Up”

  1. i hope you’re okay. and i’m always here bro. im sure many people have said this to you, but ..i’m not saying this out of pity, or just for the sake of it.
    i know how it feels to be at this point in a relationship..even if i cant make u feel any better, im still here to listen.

    lotsa love.

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