It all started so suddenly. Ashwin called me into the bhajan hall. We sat and i realised there was a video camera in the hall. So i chose to not waste the opportunity and decided to shoot the video of the bhajans.


Subashini started off with the first Ganesha song, and the hall vibrated with the echo of 500 people singing chorus and clapping.


It was a beautiful moment.


The sun started shining brightly, and through the window at the top of the altar, the sun rays played around Swami’s photo. It was amazing.


It reminded me of Parthi.


I was extremely tensed and stressed because I was extremely worried how the proceedings of the consecration ceremony will go for the past one week.


And when it was over, it was a huge sigh of relief.


There were so many challenges. So many misunderstandings. But in the end, it all came together well.


I learnt a lesson from this event. And that is to be humble and egoless at all times.


I’m so tired. Have a lovely day.





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