Have  I got a whole lot of updates for you guys!


First thing’s first. This will be the last time I’ll be tagging you guys on a Facebook note ( I hope) because I’ve already created a Facebook Fan Page for this blog. So any updates can be posted automatically via that Fan Page to you.


How to get to the Fan Page? Easy, here’s what you do. Go to the Fan Page:

(http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Remedy-of-Dramedies/160769747272491) and click on the Like button. From there on, whenever I update my blog, you will know.


Don’t worry, it’s less annoying than tagging you guys (I’m sure alot of you guys do get annoyed when I tag you guys in my notes. “What the fark?? Not again… *untag!*”). And it won’t appear on your profile (meaning no one can see that you got tagged on some stupid note).


Next, I’ve revamped the blog. As you can see, it’s much more simple, straightforward and clutter free. AND, i’ve added the Fcebook Like and Share buttons in it as well.


So if you guys like the posts that I’ve posted, Like em! And if you feel like sharing, please feel free 🙂


Thirdly, I’m done with my fifth blogovel. I’m not going to unveil the title as of yet, but it’s something different than the rest of the blogovels that I’ve created.


Hopefully I’ll be able to post it next week (fingers crossed). So stay tuned for that.


Lastly, once I’ve posted all five chapters (yes, it’s a five chapter blogovel), I’ll compile all the five blogovels and release it as an e-book online. It’ll be downloadable so that you guys can print it and read as well as share it with anyone whom you think would be interested.


And for those who wish to read the old blogovels, can do so by going to my blogsite at http://dramedyremedy.blogspot.com/ and clicking on them at the left hand column (they’re all under Short Stories and Blogovels by Sukhbir)


Okay, I think that’s about it. Again, don’t forget to join this blog’s Facebook Fan page to be kept updated fellas!


Much love,



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