As the earth burned and as the forests were wiped clean by the flood, a spaceship emerged from the dark blue skies, causing the remaining living beasts and birds still alive to scatter in fear.


The blinding light from the spaceship was the only source of light in that dark hour and as it landed with a soft thud, the lights flickered a little. Moments later, three magnificent beings emerged from the cockpit.


The first magnificent being, had four heads, (each head facing the four corners of the earth), and had four hands and this being sat on a red hovering device which looked like a lotus flower.


As this being emerged, so did the other two slowly crept out from their spaceship.


The second magnificent being, was dark blue in skin tone, carried a mace like weapon and a disk which kept spinning and he too had four arms but only one head. On his head, he wore a shining crown made out of matter not from this earth. It glimmered even in the dark.


The last being however, was magnificent but in a more dreaded demeanour. This being had a crescent moonlike device on it’s head with an image of a woman spurting out water from her mouth. But was is it a woman? It certainly did look like it. But from a closer look, it wasn’t. Infact it was a device that spurted water.  This being however had two arms and one head and in one glance, appeared somewhat human but it was certainly not one. Infact it’s skin was much darker than the second one. It’s as though someone dipped this being in water and then covered it with ash. This being followed suit after the second being.


The being on the hovering device lead the way for the other two, and all eight of his eyes scanned the area. It wasn’t clear what this being was searching for, but it would all be clear when they start speaking in Sanskrit.


“This is the place” the being on the hovering device said.


The second being, placed his mace onto the ground and looked around. “Certainly seems so.”


All three of them stood silently, taking in the place. The being on the hovering device took a deep breath with all his four heads and said, “I think we’ve found Manu.”


“You sure?” the third being broke his silence.


“Yes. I’m sure of it. I know it.”


The second being then said, “Alright. Call him out.”


The being on the hovering device bellowed, “Manu! Come out and greet us!”


There was silence. Again the being bellowed, “Manu! Come out! Nothing to fear us.”


From the bushes nearby, a man came out with torn pants and clothes, his face unshaven for days.


“This was the Manu, the Chosen One I was telling you about.” the being with four heads said.


Manu walked slowly towards these three gigantic yet magnificent beings.


“Nothing to fear us, Manu. Come.” the second being said.


Manu stood infront of them and as his eyes adjusted to the blinding lights, he realised what he was witnessing.


All the three beings smiled. The second being then spoke, “Manu, don’t be scared.”


Manu swallowed and then picked up the courage to ask them, “Who are you three?”


All three of them laughed and as they laughed, more beasts and birds scattered away in fear.


“I’m the Creator of this place.” the being on the hovering device said.


“I’m the Preserver.” smiled the second being.


“And I, I’m the Destroyer.” the third one replied.


Manu stood silently and so did the beings.


“What do you want from me?”


The Creator replied, “We want you, Manu.”


“I don’t understand..” was Manu’s reply.


It was the Preserver’s turn to explain, “Manu, remember Moses?”


“Yes, I do.”


“Well, the time has come.”


Manu looked around him, forests were burning, buildings collapsed, the flood raged on destroying forests and cities but nothing affected the hill all four of them were on.


“But what has Moses got to do with me?”


The Destroyer then said, “This world is collapsing. Everything you’ve seen, heard, tasted, and felt is ending. It’s time to start life afresh in a new world.”


“But why me?”


“Because we know you’re capable of it.”


Manu thought for a moment and then said, “Did Moses go through this same thing?”


All three of them replied, “The exact same thing.”


The Creator then explained, “We helped your ancestors build the Pyramids, thought them how to light fires to keep them warm, thought them the art of water irrigation, thought them how to plant and rear cattle. Because we created you thus.”


The Preserver’s turn came to explain, “We thought you how to live, to survive in the light of the sun and in the dark of the moon. To drink from water and eat from plants. We thought you how to manage and become systematic. To manage towns and cities and people. Because we created you thus.”


And then the Destroyer said, “We thought you how to accept death and thought you how to move on. Because we created you thus.”


“So what do I do?” Manu asked.


The Creator replied, “Follow us, aboard our ship and we shall start life afresh. You will start life a afresh. Come.” The Creator extended his right hand, “A new world awaits.”


All four of them boarded the ship, which was, interestingly enough shaped like the figure of the Elephant Hindu God, Ganesh but built in an inverted manner.


As the fires consumed earth, the ship slowly alighted and zipped into the horizon. And life starts a fresh for Manu on another planet similar to earth.


Kaliyuga has ended but Kritayuga is about to begin. The Golden Age has come.


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