Although through the teachings of Sai Baba, I’ve learnt that we’re not the body, but the soul that governs it. Everything we see, feel, hear, touch and sense is God and we’re born to realise this ultimate Truth. However, being weak and disillusioned all the time, I too fall to the Illusion of Life.


I do know and believe that He lives with us all and He is much closer than ever now with us. But still, a part of me mourns for His loss. I’m only human, and with that, here’s a tribute to a friend, mother, father, lover, mentor, teacher and guide; Bhagvan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Rest in Peace Baba.



By Your Grace – Krishna Das

Closer than breath, you are the air
Sweeter than life itself, you are here
I am a wanderer, you are my peace
I am a prisoner, you are release

Jai Gurudev…

I am a pilgrim, your road so long
I am the singer, you are the song
Held in the open sky, so far above
I am the lover, you are the love

Jai Gurudev…

I follow your footsteps through the flame
All that I ever need is in your name
Carry your heart in mine, vast as space
All that I am today is by your grace.
By your Grace…
I live by your grace.


Rest in Peace Swami

23rd November 1926 – 24th April 2011

An Embodiment of Pure Love


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