To Vashi


This poem goes out to one of the most special person in my life. To the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and to the most warmest and deepest person ever, Vashina Patel:



Sometimes there comes a point in life,

When sorrow fills your mind,

Sometimes there comes a point in life,

When there’s no longer hope,

And when you got your bags packed,

Your look back,

And you realize no one’s saying goodbye,

That’s when you move on.

Sometimes there comes a point in life,

When you think losing something,

Means losing everything,

And when losing everything,

Means losing something,

You realize this is a material world,

A world made up of prejudices,

And assumptions,

Move on.

Move on,

Life goes on,

Move on,

Don’t look around,

Move on,

Life’s not over,

Move on,

You got me by your side.

Sometimes there comes a point in life,

When the rain comes and never stops,

You’re wet and you’ve shivering,

And You hug yourself,

That’s you trying to keep warm,

Move on,

Brace the rain,

Dance in it,

With the ecstasy of dancing,

You’ll keep yourself warm,

And you’ll move on.

And when the rain stops,

The rainbow appears,

You’ll realize what a beautiful world this is,

You’ll realize that the rain was just another passing cloud,

Forget the past,

Live in the present,

Worry not about the future,

That’s the whole point in moving on,

And I’ll always be by your side.



Hope this cheers you up Vashi. Don’t give up, you’re a fighter!


Love & Hugs,



Vasu & Sukhu


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