To Shasha


In a barren desert, there was a lonely sun flower growing. The hot breeze blew and the flower fluttered, but it withstood the hot weather and the humid breeze.


One day, the flower withered and died.


Then, the winds stopped blowing. Rain started to fall and soon, spring came. And in the spring, a vast garden of sunflowers bloomed.


One withered away, but many sprouted from that one seed. Life is like that. Death is like that. Mysterious as they are, they’re the only events that are confirmed and permanent. Nothing else is. Death may seem inevitable, but what comes of it is most important. A great soul’s death inspires many other lives.


Good memories are the only things that will hold us all together. Wipe that tear away and live for another day.


Life has to go on. Life must go on.


Hang in tight, don’t let go,

Much Love,



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