To Jas

Okay, now i’m pissed.


Recently i met this friend through Facebook. She was sweet and was a good conversationalist. She had a boyfriend. Okay, no problem about that with me. We started taking the bus back home together.


She started getting close and soon in a week’s time she said she has a crush on me. And when i said it’s just a crush and it will just be a passing cloud, she says it could be more than that.


So i brought her back to her senses by saying that she has a boyfriend. And i feel bad for that dude. I honestly do. How would you feel, the girl whom you love, has feelings for another guy.


She on the other hand said, it’s okay to like someone when you’re in love with someone else.


Oooookay… So what is what now?


I personally feel she’s confused with herself, with her life and with her boyfriend. I don’t wish to be involved in this shit.


But here’s what made me pissed. I started avoiding her, for good reasons. I mean, i just like to be left alone. And after going through shit during my last relationship, i prefer being more cautious and more selfish than ever before.


She confronted me and all and asked me why i was avoiding her. I told her the truth. The fact that she has to be loyal to her boyfriend and all. The fact that she is in a relationship. And the fact that it’s only a crush. The fact that crushes only last from a few days to a few weeks.


And that’s when she in turn said she was just joking about the crush part and said i shouldn’t be making a big issue out of this.


She actually blogged about me on her blog. I don’t mind people blogging about me, just don’t mention my name! Guess who’s making the big issue now?


I mean, come on… There are better things to do in life than feel bad just because someone rejected you. Things like trying to improve the relationship between you and your current boyfriend.


I feel sorry for that dude. 2 years relationship, and this is what he gets.


*sigh* women…


2 thoughts on “To Jas”

  1. i couldn't resist bro 🙂 what a B****!…. Oh well, hats off to you for not playing along! (or i hope) the respectometer just went an extra level (higher)

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