There and Back Again


“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”

                                                                                                   -A Sufi Proverb



A friend asked me, “Why did you go to India?”


I replied, “I went soul searching.”


She then proceeded to ask further, “So… did you managed to find your soul?”


I replied, “I didn’t find it. I realised it.”


We’ve all got this one spark. This one droplet of water from a massive ocean ready to be regurgitated when we’re ready to let it out and overwhelm us. And this droplet can only be found when we close our eyes.


The world ceases to exist as you contemplate in the darkness, observing your own breath. And slowly, answers come and you understand. And when you understand, you know. And when you know, you realise.


I realised, there’s actually no such thing as “soul searching” or “finding for myself or yourself”. The soul or your self is already there, waiting for you to realise it’s presence. Once you open the window of clarity and unveil the curtains of doubt, you start to realise what you’ve been really seeking and realising. Your own true self. 


I had an amazing trip and I learnt so much. So so much. I met many interesting loving souls, had many funny and yet enlightening experiences but most importantly, I’ve now realised my self. 


I can’t say for myself that I’m happy and that I’ve improved so much in terms of physical, mental and spiritual aspect of my life. Only you can be the judge. I don’t want to judge myself any longer Smile  I want to live. I’m happy. Very happy Smile I’ve never felt so much at peace, so free.. so much in love with myself. And I’m at bliss Smile


This here is a recording of how my Divine Master, my Guide and Guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram sounds like in the evenings (recorded very discreetly):


And here’s another recording taken very discretely as well (because no recording devices are allowed in the premises of the ashram) of the atmosphere of Prashanti Nilayam, the Holy Abode of Peace at Puttaparthi.


I will write more on my trip, the experiences, the souls I met and yes! Lots of photos, real soon.


Like I’ve always emphasized and I’ll emphasize it again, I love, love, LOVE each one of you very, very, VERY much Smile


Lots of warm, warm, warm Love coupled with a hug,



P/S: I’m back Smile


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