The Trigger

The Universe works in very mysterious ways. To understand this Truth one just have to close the eyes and still the Mind. And once the Mind has been silenced, one can understand everything. Including the mysterious ways of the Universe.

The first two days of the year taught me many things and one of it was the mysterious ways this Universe works. I knew roughly how it worked but I actually experienced it and now I understand.

The coming of me in the life of everyone I know, and the coming of people in my life, brings about something. Some people call it “teaching”. As in, I came to your life to teach you a thing or two consciously and subconciously and vice versa. And once my job is done, I either take leave or depart from this world (death).

These teachings then send a sense of realisation into people. I call it, “The Trigger”. The things I’ve done be it positive or negative triggers an event in people’s life. And this Trigger then sets a path or the way for the people that I’ve triggered. Some refer to this path as Destiny. Some call it Fate.

But this is exactly how the Universe works. The Universe is us and we’re small particles that make a whole bigger picture.

I’m truly glad and happy that I was part of people’s lives (and still am). The things I did or said brought about a sense of realisation, triggering them to think and act on what they really wanted all these while. Some might not yet understand or see this trigger. But with time, everything is understood.

And when I feel that they have understood it, and that I have no other part to play in their lives, I take leave. This applies to others too. Again, it’s not me who makes the decision. The very same Force that tells you to stop eating when your stomach is full and tells you to sleep when you’re tired is the very same Force that tells you your time is up in a person’s life. Again, we have a choice to continue eating and not sleeping. But that will only make us unhealthy. Again, it’s the Universe working it’s way. By being unhealthy one then strives to be healthy. If one looks at life in this way, accepts that every single thing that happens is for the higher purposed good, then life indeed becomes truly beautiful.

The Universe is beautiful and I love each one of you 🙂

Love, Love, Love..


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