The System / Maya the Illusion

The moment you were born, you were thrown into the hands of the System. A System based on Fear.

As a child, you were constantly told to think “logically and practically”. Your hopes and dreams and ideas constantly dashed, ridiculed and scorned. Imagination, was a no, no. You were told to believe in a set of beliefs written in religious books, that if you did this, an all powerful angry, revengeful God would be mad. You were introduced to this silly concept of Heaven and Hell. You were told to follow silly rules and regulations (which had you questioning their existence and the reason behind their conception).

You grew up becoming a robot made out of flesh and matter. You were made to chase after riches and wealth. Fame and power. You were programmed that if you wanted to be this, you would never be happy. You were told to be that way instead of this. You were made to believe that money and raising to society’s standard dominated your life and made you happy.

But as you constantly chased after illusive material objects, you only ended up believing that your purpose in life is just this; to exist. You had been programmed from young to become “somebody” and have money and wealth and a good family. And then, only then will you die in peace.

But can you really die in peace chasing after something illusive?

The Ancient Hindu sages referred to the System as Maya, which in Sanskrit literally meant Illusion.

But what exactly is Maya / The System?

This is the System. The one I had explained above. A set of rules and regulations based on societal’s norms. What society does, if one does it differently, is viewed as a breach of the System’s law. You would be labelled crazy, eccentric and different for doing, saying and thinking in a way different than the rest. A recluse. Mad fellow.

In the System, an individual or Mind believes that He (lets refer to the Soul as He, since a Soul, in actual fact, is beyond gender) is stuck in the System. A System which is manifested and controlled by one’s own Mind and is perceived as “Reality” when in actual fact, it is but a Dream. It is constantly driven by Fear making the Mind believe that there is no way out. That this is it, you’re stuck. So might as well just live and abide with the laws within the System.

The System tells you that not everything is possible. That everything has a limit. Every retrospection of life is based on the External.

But every Soul is born with the imperative urge to “get out” of the System. And if one is able to “tap” into this urge, one is able to create a Reality / Dream Sequence according to one’s own wish and whim in a more Conscious and Holistic manner.

The System is after all, created by you. But it was created subconsciously. What happens if you remember that you have always been the Creator of Your own Reality? The maker of Your own Destiny?

You then become a Reality Hacker / Creator of Realities.

The only way to get out of the System is to explore Within.

Dive into the vast Internal Void that is You. You would soon realise that every single Belief you were told to believe in, every single Law, was false and had never resonated with your true Self. You’re beyond all that. You would realise that the world was not governed based on the External affecting the Internal, but in actual fact, the other way.

You are, literally the System and its Maker.

The only difference is, now You know.

And that there never really was a System, but just You.

What do you REALLY see in this picture?


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