The Social Rejects


Finally! After a delay of two days (my apologies) the short film/mockumentary is up! Here’s the link for your viewing pleasure.

However I need to caution you guys because this short film contains explicit stuff and some bad language. So for those who’re queasy, pure at heart, divine, angelic souls, I refrain and advise you to not watch this video.


There. I’ve warned you so don’t complain! Open-mouthed smile


Anyways, it’s a 28 minute long “short” film so if you guys have trouble loading it, load it at 240p. That should ease the loading time. Hope you guys love it and I would love to take the opportunity to thank the cast, Navin Raj, Balamurugan and my friends for being supportive in the making of this “short” film cum mockumentary.


Sometimes, it’s good to poke fun at ourselves Smile





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