The Social Rejects (Coming Soon)


Phew! I got so much to tell and I’m extremely excited!


Our short movie/docu-drama, The Social Rejects (initially it was called “The L Word” but due to copyright issues, we changed it) is 80% done. All I need to do is film Suman and Rvind’s scene and a small scene of mine and we’re all set for post production.


Okay what is the short movie about?


It’s a short film, depicting the lives of 3 losers. The movie’s shot in a point of view concept and also has the elements of a docudrama in it because the characters are depicted in the form of interviews as well as depicting them going through their daily lives.


There is no real objective in the movie and no, the movie doesn’t really have any values or message to show, but it’s just done purely for entertainment sake.


However, I must warn, the movie does have some very explicit and disgusting content.


Here’s a run down of the characters:



A 25 year old, extremely confident, cocky, hyperactive and an extremely horny individual. He’s the very epitome of a guy you would hate because he claims he’s the best looking of them all and apparently, according to him, chicks dig him..



A 21 year old gamer and an accounting student who’s favorite past time is taking a dump, masturbating and taking long hours of piss (in his own true words). He thinks he’s good in games and loves bragging about it.



A 31 year old Internet Specialist. He hates everything and everyone in life including himself and his life. He has anger issues and his idea of a healthy lifestyle is a game of badminton with his only friends at 12 in the morning.


All three above are losers (although they beg to differ) because they fit every criteria of a loser.


The movie ofcourse pokes fun mostly at ourselves, but it’s just done for the sake of fun and some scenes and characters were made to exaggerate at some point.


I’ll be uploading the interviews with the cast real soon.


Looking forward to watching all of yous reactions!





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