The Resurrection of a Makar

Living is easy with eyes closed,
Our dreams are of an actual reality,
Van for a roadtrip’s nice,
India’s beautiful to go soulsearching,
Nigerians are very humble people,
Green’s my lucky color.

Yesterday was today,
Or is it tomorrow?
Untruth will eventually lead to Truth.

What am I writing?
Am I writing a hidden message?
Solve it if you can.

Answer is top to bottom.

Many won’t be able to solve it,
I made this in such a way,
See if you can solve it,
Takes more than just reading,
And understanding,
Kerosene or Diesel? Sorry for straying,
Elephant’s my favorite animal.

Intelligent people are few,
Truth hurts more but heals faster.

Whales held the Light for us,
And so did the Dolphins,
See everything out of the box.

Nothing can hurt me anymore,
Only myself,
That too has been put to a stop.

Me and you,
You and I are one and the same.

Fault was never mine,
And it wasn’t yours either,
Understanding turned to misunderstanding,
Love turned to hate,
Truth perished.

I was never really affected,
My Ego was.

Now I’m a changed man,
Once again I’m on my feet,
Time and time again I’ve done it.

Sukhbir’s the name,
Or you can call me Sonu,
Running away was the best solution,
Run away I did,
Yesterday’s gone, today beckons.


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