The Remains

“Son, we should make a trip to the beach one of these days. Buy ourselves nasi lemak, sit on the benches and watch as the tide rises.” Gurdev spoke as his son, Mandeep, adjusts his tie in front of the mirror.


“Umhmm” that’s all he said. His entire focus was on the tie.


“I long to see the beach again. Long to share good father and son moments with you. Besides i’m bored sitting at home here.” Gurdev retired 10 years ago.


As Gurdev went on speaing, Mandeep was too busy combing his hair and applying perfume on himself. So whatever Gurdev spoke, it fell on deaf ears.


You see, he’s a well to do man. Owns a Beamer. A man who owns a multinational company all over the globe. He basically has money to own anything he wants. 


It was with the help of his father, he managed to complete his PhD. And now, he’s as wealthy as he can be.


“It’s been a long time. I remember the times when I used to take you to the beach in Port Dickson. Do you remember how you used to run about excitedly and collect sea shells?”




“You were so cute, running about like that. And do you remember..”


“Okay. Enough. I’m off to work. See you later at night.” Mandeep picks up his briefcase and walks over to his Beamer, to work, leaving old Gurdev with the thoughts of the beach to himself.






It was a windy day as Mandeep slowly walked with Gurdev, the waves tickling his legs as he observed a couple of children running about collecting sea shells.


As a father and son sat nearby watching, Mandeep slowly poured Gurdev’s remains into the deep blue sea and wept his heart out.


Mandeep finally visited the beach with Gurdev.


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