The Pub: Pre-Production


I suppose I can make it official.


After planning for a month or so, the crew (A Peanut Monkey Film) will start shooting our first short movie this coming Sunday (October the 17th 2010) at 8.30 AM.


It’s gonna be fun and awesome (I hope). There’s so much to plan and I’m really glad mum realised we’re working hard for it, so she decided to chip in to get the lighting for our short movie.


What’s the name of our short movie you ask? It’s called The Pub. That’s it.


It’s a Quentin Tarantinoish and Robert Rodriguezish sort of film. Lots of dark humor, an engaging story, awesome script and yes, lots of blood and gun duels.


Okay I’m not gonna hype it up. I’ll start working on the story board for Scene 1 today. We just finalised the script for Scene 1 last night.


I feel terrible for the boys who didn’t get to game (one or two did) but I hope we blow people’s mind away with our little short movie to make it for our loss time at the cyber cafe.


By the way we need extras for the short movie. Contact me if you’re interested by posting a comment in this post.


Thank you!



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