The Princess in Her Tower


There were times at night when she would remove her clothes and look at herself in the mirror and shiver. What have I become? She would ask. What did I do to deserve this to happen to me? Questions would start flowing like a flooded river. Sometimes she would cry herself to sleep. Thinking of the mistakes she had committed. The innocent mistakes. The silly ones. The heart breaks. The pain she endured. The constant belief in hope that never seem to come. The constant smirks and mocking and snide comments she would overhear whenever she walks past people. The fear and nervousness of being the talk of the town. The things she would hear about herself (sometimes overly exaggerated and yet laced with truth) which she would hear from someone else’s lips. Who really knows me? She would ask. I had my reasons for doing so. She starts to develop anger towards these people and from anger, she would resort to hate. She would build her own walls of defense and hide herself in her tower of solace, guarded by the thick walls of ignorance and sarcasm. Waiting. Waiting for someone to break open those walls, to save her from the tower she created. And then he comes. Breaks open the walls, breaks open the barriers she had constructed and picks her up with his two hands. “I can’t imagine I built all those. Whose fault was it?” She asks teary eyed as he embraces her. He looks at her, smiles and says, “Mine. I wish I had come sooner.”


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