The Nectar of Immortality


At the funeral of his mother, young Christopher was told of a rare Nectar of Immortality whereby anyone who drinks it, defeats Death and lives on forever. As he grew, Christopher never really moved on from the fact that his mother had died and his dream to find the seemingly impossible to find Nectar grew even more. He worked as a child in a bookstore and the local library, slowly saving money for his trip. When he reached the age of 26, Christopher had saved himself enough money to fund his trip for atleast 3 years. Thus he set off on his adventure. For 2 and a half years he travelled to Asia, then to Russia, then to the Americas, then to Africa and he was back in Asia. As the months went by, Christopher grew impatient and was on the verge of giving up. His journey brought him to the city of Benares in India. As he sat at the banks of the Ganges, observing the locals conducting funeral rites for their loved ones, he noticed a Holy Man sitting by himself. Desperate to find the Nectar of Immortality, he tries his luck by asking the Holy Man,

“Have you seen the Nectar of Immortality?”

The Holy Man replies, “Why yes, I have and I’ve drank it.”

Christopher became excited and he demanded the Holy Man to show him where the Nectar was located. “It’s right there below the ghat,” the Holy Man pointed at the Ganges.


Christopher ran down the flight of stairs hurriedly and drank the murky filthy water without taking any notice of a corpse that was floating nearby. He was desperate to find a way to overcome death.


After he drank the water he went back to the Holy Man and said, “Now that I’ve drank the water, have I overcome Death?”


The Holy Man smiles and says, “No. You merely quenched your thirst.”


Feeling like a fool Christopher lashed out at the Holy Man.


The Holy Man patiently replies, “The only way to overcome Death is by living. Live.”


Christopher never found the Nectar of Immortality, but hearing the wise words of the Holy Man, Christopher found Truth. From that point onwards, Death never mattered to him anymore. Instead, Christopher lived.


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