The Mystic & The Seeker


The door opens, revealing the dark insides of the room save for the only brightness, emitting from the lamp hanging from the ceiling. I peered in and I saw a lone figure of a man seated in the lotus position, in bright orange robes, his eyes closed, his body unmoving, his head bald and he had the look of satisfaction on his face. Slowly as I walked into the room, he opens his eyes, smiles and says, “Welcome, seeker.” I sit before him and we stare into each other’s eyes. It’s like I’ve seen this man before.. somewhere a very long time ago. Deep within my dreams, deep within my memories, we’ve met and communicated. He then asks me, “What do you seek?” I think for a little while and then I reply, “I don’t know..” He smiles and then replies, “Good, even I don’t.” There was a moment of silence, and then we both broke into laughter. We laughed for a good long time. We laughed at each other’s folly. Laughed at the witty reply. Laughed for no reason. And then it struck me, I’ve forgotten how to laugh. I looked at the smiling face of the man once again, and this time, I realised he was me all along.


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