The “My” Syndrome

The My Syndrome. My car, my wife, my life, my job, my kids, my husband, my food, my shirt, my pants, my computer, my this and my that, but really, who is this my fellow? Who are you?

Start with this question

And so you start by questioning this name which was given to you since you were born but really, deep down you know that even this is not you. It is but a label given to this identity in this present body. So who are you? And that is when the questioning process begins. You start to question your existence. How you came about, who you were in your past births, which planetary system you come from, which star you fall under, your astrological signs. You start to delve into religious practices and spiritual practices simply because you’re not satisfied with the answer. You start to pray to an illusionary God. And then you start to question even him. You start to experience conventional and non conventional methods; meditation, yoga, psychedelics, substances. You start reading books, listening to podcasts, read articles, watch videos, scouring, looking, seeking, finding for an answer but really, who are you? And you get desperate at every phase of the process.

Who is this being, seemingly trapped in a human body, stuck in this cycle of life and death, governed by the laws of physics and gravity and not to mention the laws of cause and effect and obligated to an illusionary God and fearing his illusionary sidekick, the Devil?

Who are you?

And so you question everything under the sun and moon. Your very existence, purpose, meaning to life. But really, who are you? You learn terminologies that label you and it only complicates matters. You start learning about the soul and spirit and chakras and various ways by various Masters but each time when you think you have found an answer, you drop down disappointed and resume questioning everything again and again. It is always going back to the same square one. Who are you?

You crave to find out the Truth. The very same written in myriad of Holy texts and hymns. You crave to unearth your true identity. By now, you already know that you’re not just an identity or an entity. You already understand that you are part of a process. This process. But again, who are you? And it’s a simple answer to a really stupid question.


A paradox. But a necessary one.

And as long as the Ego remains, as long as the Ego is not put to sleep, you will never feel Awake. Because the Ego has this habit of labeling itself. I am this. I am that. That is mine. This is me. That is you. I am not Enlightened. I am Enlightened.

The Ego, in a bid to find out its true identity, chooses to ignore the simple answer. A very simple answer simply because the Ego thinks the answer should be something complex. The Ego tells you that the Truth you’re searching for is grand, mysterious, beautiful, majestic, big, huge and whenever it finds a need a to label something, it will never cease to stop labeling. And so long as it is never satisfied, you’ll keep searching.

So who are you?

You already know who you are but you choose to ignore the answer. The answer, alas, had always been staring point blank in your face.

You are nothing.

Read the Heart Sutra 

There you go. You’re free. It’s an offensive answer if the Ego is not put to bed. But truly, you have always been nothing and there was never a need to question in the first place simply because this is the Truth. And even the word nothing, is alas a label to a feeling you get when you come to a point where you just let go and let be. All Is.

All that questioning was but a process to tame the Ego. To put it to sleep and remind yourself that you had always been Awake.

What a paradox! What foolishness! Laugh it off. All Is. Just be.

You are free!

You’re free!
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