The Man With No Face


A bird flew down from the clouds and gently landed on a branch of a tree nearby a bench where a man was sitting munching his bread. The bird sat and observed this man for the bird was hungry. The man went on munching on his bread quite oblivious of the bird’s presence at the nearby branch.


The bird found the man a little curious and so it hopped to the lowest branch possible to take a better look at the man. After much careful observation she realised the man had no face. Save only for a tiny mouth (in this case it looked like a hole) for the man to eat.


The bird hopped closer to the man and then hopped on to the bench. Realising the bird next to him, the man stopped munching and turned to the bird. He couldn’t say anything, even if he did, it came out as a muffled moan.


The bird felt sorry for the man and hopped on to his lap and gave him a warm nibble on his left thigh. The man acknowledged it by stroking the bird’s feathers.


The bird then spoke the language of the Heart, “What’s wrong with your face?”


The man paused for a while. He observed the bird for a long period and then replied, “Is that you talking bird?”


“Yes it is I. What’s wrong with your face?”


The man sighed and then replied, “I’ve got Treacher Collins Syndrome. Mine’s serious. I went through a few surgeries but the best the doctors could do was give me a hole for my mouth and two holes for my ear. And see that tiny slit right below my forehead? That’s my eye. Don’t ask me whether it’s the left one or right.”


“Interesting. Infact fascinating..”


There was a short pause as both of them stared at the empty park. The man broke the silence. “How come you’re able to talk to me? Or rather, we’re both able to communicate with each other?”


The bird replied, “It’s because I want you to.”


The man paused for a moment and then continued, “You want to?”


“Yes I want to.”


“So you can talk to anyone only unless if you want to talk to them, correct?”


“That’s right.”


“Do you want to switch bodies then?”


The bird paused and thought for a bit. “Why not?”


“You sure?”


“Yes I’m sure. Let’s switch bodies.”


“Alright. Let me put my loaf of bread down.” The man places the loaf of bread next to him and then looks at the bird and says, “Alright, I’m ready.”


“I’m ready too. Close your eyes.”


The man closed his eyes. He felt himself much lighter, much speedier and faster. He could sense the environment around him growing and him shrinking.


“Open your eyes.”


The bird opens it’s eyes, to discover himself face to face with a man with no face. The man says, “You’re free. Now fly.”


And the bird flew.


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