The Maiden


There was a maiden in a village who earned a meager earning, working as a sweeper in an old ranch. She lived in poverty, often times going hungry for days. She had a dream, a hope. She dreamt of a prince riding on a horse, sweeping her off her feet and rescuing her from her fate. A prince did come one fine day, handsome, well off, and well established from a far off kingdom and he did sweep her off her feet. They married and she lived in a golden castle atop a hill. But she was never happy. As fate would have it, the prince was after all the heir to the throne. He was busy with businesses of the kingdom, often delving into politics and schemes to overthrow another empire, or kingdom or a minister. He plotted, he murdered, he seeked revenge, often times he never gave her much attention. She would sleep alone as the prince would be on an errand for the kingdom. She ate alone, as the prince was too busy with the businesses of the kingdom. She walked alone in the castle grounds, as the prince was too busy fighting wars. She pondered where she went wrong. And so one day, she asked the oldest court’s minister, who was a wise man. “Where did I go wrong? I’m living my dreams, I’m rich and no longer hungry, all I wished for was a man who would rescue me from my old fate and yet, I’m not happy. Where did I go wrong?” The old wise minister then replied, “Ahh see, that’s exactly where you went wrong. You wished for everything and you got it. But did you wish for love?”


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