The Love Revolution

Amidst thousands who came with slogans and posters, demanding freedom from their corrupt government, the police stood, standby with tear gas trucks. Their faces wet with sweat as the sweltering heat beat down unto their skin. One of them adjusted his helmet, holding close to his riot stick, his fingers clenching. He hears footsteps and slogans. In the far distance, among dust and the fumes, he spotted a huge group of people, walking towards the barricade separating the police and them.

Their chants grew louder as they approached the broad street. Skyscrapers and restaurant stood as witness on each side. Some of the rally goers started picketing loudly. Two or three blew vuvuzelas. A group of girls, holding each others hands, sang songs of freedom and oppression. They demanded a positive change. Either the government stepped down or rectify its mistakes and remove some terrible policies which hurt the people.

As the crowd neared the police, the Commandant, staring at the growing crowd, winced slightly. His temples throbbed. He felt an urge to spit and beat these nuisance creators for once.

The crowd reached the barricade. A little girl passes a pink rose to one of the policeman. He doesn’t take it. The little girl holds it for as long as she could.

The policeman looked down, masked his smile and took the rose.

However, there were some unruly crowds who demanded the barricade to be removed.

The Commandant yelled through a hailer, “Not another inch! Not another inch!”

The crowd retorted back by chanting slogans mocking the police.

A few of the police snarled, their anger growing.

“Stop there! I’m counting to 10 and you lot have to move. Or else we would have no choice but to retaliate!” The Commandant screamed.

A youthful woman screamed back, “What do you mean by retaliate? We come in peace!”

The crowd agreed with her. Few of them clapped hands and some blew vuvuzelas. The rest cheered.

The Commandant stares at her and screams, “Back off! This is the last warning!”

The crowd booed. Some of them moved a little to the back. Many more came to the front, ready for anything. Ready to lay their lives for their beloved country.

“1!” The Commandant started to count.

A young revolutionist stepped back.


A young boy with a placard, holds his girlfriend’s hand tight.

“3! Step back!”

A woman was shoved slightly by one of the police. Someone screamed.


The policeman holding the rose, clenches it harder and prays under his breath.


“Everything is going to be okay.” A young fellow tells his nervous friend.


A youth screams in anger and says something nasty.


A group of individuals, with simple loose clothing and not in any of the rally goers shirt colors, stood among the rally goers.


They stared, looking relaxed and then moved to the front of the crowd and formed a line before the rally goers.


The Commandant stares at the group, confused and fearful at the same time.

The mother of the little rose carrying girl, picks her daughter up in her arms and kisses her.

The individuals suddenly – without any warning – sat in the lotus position.

The Commandant stared confused, the hailer grasped in his hands. He observed the group. They were youthful, but for some reason their souls felt to be much older. They smiled lovingly as they meditated in full contentment and without worries.

“I demand you to stand up!” The Commandant yells. No one stirred.

The crowd, similarly stunned by this, observed the scenario. The policemen stared with bewilderment.

The youthful men and women, sat in the lotus position on soft pillows on the tar road, with smiles upon their faces.

Some of the policemen relaxed. Some shivered. Some were terribly confused and at awe.

Many rally goers, understanding what just took place, sat as well, their eyes closed.

The Commandant looks on, as hundreds more sit before the barricade, their eyes shut. Closed. In lotus position.

As a helicopter loomed from the air, it captured recordings of thousands sitting on streets. There was no sound or movement. Everything silent. The only sound was the sound of the helicopter soaring.

Everyone was silent.

The Commandant screamed, “Get up!”

No one stirred.

The whole city was at a standstill, every single one meditating. Everyone at Peace. It was a beautiful sight. Imagine a crowd the size of the visitors to the Holy Kaabah, that very same size sat in deep meditation.

Tears started rolling down the policeman’s cheeks as he held to the rose. He couldn’t take it anymore. Emotions overcame him.

He dropped his riot shield and riot stick, took off his helmet, and in tears he throws them down.

“Fuck this!” He screams as he points at the Commandant.

He walks over the barricade and crosses to the other side. He sits among one of the youthful people, and next to the little girl who had given him the rose.

He looks down at her, smiles as she tried to meditate but fails unsuccessfully. She opens her eyes, looks at him and smiles back.

“This is for you.” He whispers to her.

Many more policemen dropped their shields and joined the group.

Soon, the Commandant too stepped from the truck, walked to one of the Awakened youth, and cries.

The youth opens his eyes, caresses his head lovingly and says softly, “Stop crying. Even you are loved.”

That year became the year that sparked the Love Revolution. As this country freed itself from the very same System governed by Fear, many more Awakened souls in different parts of the world initiated similar methods.

Soon, the old government system crumbled and fell. And a newer holistic system, with the core centered around Love was born. A Spiritual Evolution took place in the span of 30 years. There was no more the concept of religion. Everything centered around Love.

They were also the most loving beings. 30 years after that, the very Paradise promised in the Bible, came true. The Earth had always been the Heaven and Hell and men had always been God and Satan.

At this time, men lived alongside nature but were capable to create advance gadgets centered around mother nature and their own energies.

Many houses in suburb areas had large panels to get the sun’s heat and green grass growing on their walls and roof.

This was the era that countries no longer existed. No more currency or money. Everyone lived as a community. There was no fear. Children played on the streets without their parents needing to peek.

Everything was safe and sound.

And to make this happen, all it takes is a handful of Awakened people sparking a revolution so different. So different beyond Ideas and Thoughts.

The Love Revolution.

It will happen 🙂



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