The Little Dreamer

Once upon a time, a little innocent child called God decided to Dream. And when God dreamt, God decided to Imagine majestically, creatively, spontaneously. God, of course, knowing that God has immense power and capabilities, decided to delve in this Imagination. Revel in it. He decided to give the Imagination a meaning and theme. The meaning and theme were only two things; the Battle Between Fear and Love. Of course, Fear and Love could also be perceived as Evil and God, Darkness and Light, the Devil and God, Left and Right. Forgetting and Remembering.

And so, in keeping with the theme, God, being ever so innocent, plotted a moment where Love will, and always will, overcome Fear. However, it has to experience the Fear of being lost, lonely and in pain before God finds Love.

Why not? It is just a day dream after all and mere Imaginations can’t simply hurt God. Nothing can and nothing will.

Because that is the whole context and destination to the story God is Imagining. Experiencing Fear and then overcoming Fear with Love.

And boy, what a story it is.

And so once God is done with Imagining, God Imagines some more, giving way to fresher and newer Imaginations.

Why not? Where God is, there is really no such thing as Time and Space. And plus, it is God’s dream after all.

But deep down, God always knew who God really was despite trying God’s very best pretending to forget.

And since God is but a little innocent child, all God meant to experience through God’s little day dream, is, was, and will always be Love.

And being a little child, God is Love personified. Love is God and Fear is but an Imagination.

Loving the story of your Life yet, God?

“The Little Dreamer”



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