The Light


I realised I’ve never really told you guys fully about the Puttaparthi Trip. See, the trip’s on the 10th of February 2012 and ends on the 21st of February 2012 (if I’m not mistaken) and there are about 15 of us who’re going.


I went for the monthly discussion about two weeks ago and it was good meeting back the old familiar faces Smile


I met Shaamini Akka who was surprised to see me and I met Sister Roshini, Bro Vimal, Bro Anand, Sister Melissa and Cheng and we had an interesting discussion on spirituality. From the discussion we decided that since we’re embarking on a spiritual journey, we should start meditating.


But meditation is not easy and many of us are too lazy to do it (I’m one of the culprits too). So Shaamini Akka came up with an amazing plan. She said we should implement the “Buddy System”. Meaning, each of us pairs up with another person (that person becomes our buddy) and we check in on each other to see if the other person has done their meditation or not.


My spiritual buddy’s Sister Roshini. And I must say she has extremely high patience and tolerance for me because in the first one week, I didn’t actually do proper meditation per-say. I was deeply humbled that she constantly messaged me to check on me. However, after that one week I’ve started to getting around meditating and etc.


Ofcourse I did play truant here and there (I didn’t meditate yesterday as I was too sick).


She did say that I can meditate as long as I want and however way I want. The freedom of choice is on me.


So usually, I sit in the lotus position on the orange cushion (apparently it’s good to have soft materials under your bum so that the energy flows properly. Personally, I think it’s more comfy sitting on a cushion than on the cold marble floor) at the front of Swami’s photo, I close my eyes.


The first few days were difficult because I used to think a lot. I had lots of thoughts swirling in my head. But then, I learnt to be a witness. I read a few stuff over the net as well as I asked around some people, and they say that when you meditate, whatever thoughts that comes into your head, imagine it like watching a movie. Just let the thoughts come, play for a little bit and then go.


I usually focus on my breathing. And sometimes, there are times when I just think nothing (ofcourse you can’t think nothing). Everything’s dark and that’s when you talk/hear yourself. And sometimes, I think things such as “I’m am That. That is I” to myself and that’s when it starts getting freaky.


I’ve experienced this twice. I see this white bright light. I wouldn’t say it’s light. It’s like, when you close your eyes, and you look directly at the sun. The glare. That’s what I “see”. And I can feel myself feeling light. More like floating. Bodyless.


I don’t know if it’s an out of body experience or not.. But I get freaked out so I usually open my eyes then. And that’s when I conclude my meditation.


Meditating, I believe, is a very personal experience. Different people experience different things. But meditating, is also like riding a bicycle. It takes a few tries (infact many) to make it right and enjoy the breeze as you’re riding the “meditation” bike.


One does feel a lot calmer after meditating. Especially if you do it before sleeping. It helps to give you a good sleep. I realised meditating after studying also helps you to remember things more.


Anyways, I’m off to the hospital. This sore throat’s getting worst.


Love you all Smile




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