The Greatest Story Ever Written

Place me in any foreign land, and I would search my way into writing you a good story. Put me on the highest peak of the most magnificent mountain, and I would still write you a good story. Banish me into the deepest wildest jungle, and I’ll come out scathed but with a good story in my hand. Place me in a war-torn country and I would seek my way to write you a meaningful good story. Send me to the deserts and I would strive to write you a good story that’ll quench your thirst. Float me across on a boat into the lonely sea and I would survive to write you a good story. Send me to the moon and I’ll come back to you with an amazing story. Lower me to the deepest darkest pit of earth and I would rise with a brilliant story. And even if I don’t, and I die trying, that story’ll be one great story ever written and told to God.


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