The Flow

The car salesman hands me the keys to the Myvi. I stare at the buttons on it and then sheepishly look up to him and say, “Errr.. bang, sorry eh.. Tapi.. button untuk bukak pintu kat mana ya?”

Hilarious! I sit in the Myvi, exhale deep taking in the new car smell and feel the steering wheel. Finally, a car this body and identity can consider its own until this temporary stay in this 3rd Dimensional plane is over. I was never thinking of getting a new car yet until last month, when Mother brought to attention something that broke my heart. She showed me the metal frame in the engine area of the Datsun, it had rusted so much that a sudden hard bump would make the whole left side of the car to come off, including the tyres.

Staring at the battle scarred car, the very same that had been ferrying this family for the past 20 years, I realised it was time to surrender to the Universe, heed its call to get a new vehicle. It was time.

Phew! And what a journey it was. There were tons of challenges to obtain the Myvi. Mostly consisting of monetary challenges but I suppose, the Universe has its own mysterious way of working. I was told to pay a downpayment of RM5k and I only had RM3k in the bank.

That would mean driving the beaten up Datsun for another month, which would prove risky as the Datsun was already showing signs of giving up. Each day was scary and I constantly pictured Dolly (the Datsun’s name) as an old family horse and spoke to it, telling it to just ride a little more. “A few more days, Dolly, then you can have all the rest you need.”

The Universe is beautiful in the sense that the only way to make things work is by letting go. I had no choice but to stare at the fearful possibility of being in the Datsun when it breaks down sadly.

It didn’t happen. Instead, the salesman called and said I had obtained full loan for the car!

But I needed a guarantor. So that whole week was spent scouring for folks to be guarantors and all declined. I don’t blame them. Being guarantors is a risky thing to do.

Then a call came from Hafiz, the reliable Perodua salesman, “Boss, I dapat full loan from CIMB. Paling best, you tak yah guarantor and dia punya bayaran bulanan pun kurang. Amacam? Nak tak?”

I took it!

And a week later, here I was in the car. Took it after work and drove home and called mum to come down. It was a sweet surprise

Mother, ofcourse, loves the Datsun, so she found the new car a little too “modern” for her. Hahaha it was hilarious though when she tried putting the seatbelts on. “Wahh! The seatbelts are so tight!”

Next step, is to give old Dolly the sexy MILF a new facelift! Make it as bad ass as possible for a 65-year-old woman to drive

I christened it, The Flow



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