The Five Days: Chapter 4


~Day Four~


The heart rate monitor beeped slowly. I sat next to her, holding her hand.


Her eyes were closed but her mouth was slightly open. She smelt of excrement and urine. I had changed her diapers but she was too weak to have her bath. So i just gave her a body mop.


“Angel” I whispered into her right ear. I touched her fore head, caressed her head. She was bald. She reminded me of this vulture i saw in The Jungle Book.


She opened her eyes slowly and for a few moments she stared blankly at the wall. Then slowly she moved her eyes and head to look at me. She smiled and held my hand.


There were tears in her eyes. She was suffering. But she never told me that she was in pain. She kept smiling.


I kissed her fore head.


“You’re beautiful… you’re beautiful… you’re beautiful” I kept saying that. I don’t know what made me say that to her but I guess it must have made her feel good, so i kept on saying that.


I snuggled up to her neck.


She took a deep breath and then slowly she said, “Come..” she swallowed and then continued, “..up”


I slowly got up from the chair i was sitting on, climbed onto her hospital bed and hugged her as i slept next to her.


I could hear her breathing heavily. She stank but she was still beautiful.


I kissed her on her neck and her cheek. She was pale.


“I’m….sorry…” She said.


I patted her on the head and replied, “You did nothing wrong.”


She swallowed and took a deep breath and then said, “Was i a good wife?”


“The best”


“You sure?”




She swallowed. “No regrets?”




Tears were dropping from her eyes. “Why?” she was crying.


I didn’t know what to say or answer. I looked at her for a few moments and then i answered, “Because I truly love you”


There was a moment of silence.


She broke it by saying, “I wish to eat ice cream with you”


So i got out from the bed, headed out of the door and made my way to the 1st floor where the cafeteria was. I bought two Magnolia ice creams, her favorite. One for herself and one for me.


I walked back into her room. The heart rate monitor had stopped beeping.


The ice cream melted in my hands as my heart melted in my chest and as i sat on the chair observing the nurses and doctors trying their very best to revive her, i knew she was long gone.


Angel had become an Angel now.


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