The Five Days: Chapter 3


~Day Three~


The day began perfectly well that day. We woke up, dressed and drove together to the beach nearby our place.


It’s a lovely place, about 20 minutes drive from our place. There’s this spot, where under the rocky cliffs, there’s a tiny cave. It was my hideout way back when I was a kid. I spotted it during my days as a boy scout and it became one of our hideouts.


After school, i used to meet her under this very cliff, in the cave. I used to get her ice creams and whenever she was late, i used to eat them as they melted very fast.


And i was too hungry waiting.


But she always came. Never once did she ever disappoint me by not coming.


I parked the car across the street, waited for her to put her black sunglasses and sun hat on, held her hands and the both of us slowly made our way to our favorite spot.


We had our lunch in that cave, chatted about the past, laughed at all the little silly things we did and slowly climbed the rocky cliffs.


She had difficulty in climbing, but she made sure it never showed on her face. And each time i tried helping her up she kept slapping my hand away, smiling and saying, “I’m not an old woman”


“You’re 25, you ARE old” i joked.


We sat next to each other on the rocky cliff, staring at the beautiful sight beyond us.


Beyond us, the mighty ocean spread itself far and wide, swallowing everything in it’s way except the skies and clouds where seagulls flew.


And at the end, or the “tip” as she says, we could make out ships of various sizes.


A boat was making turns as someone parasailed above.


It was a beautiful day. I held her hand and she rested on my shoulder. She coughed slightly.


I patted her back. She liked it, and so i proceeded to give her a playful massage. She giggled and i knew she was enjoying it.


I kissed her neck as i removed strands of hair from her pale neck as I caressed her back. She shrugged me off and spun quickly towards me.


“People will see us!” she was blushing.


“Let them.” I placed my hands on her cheeks caressing them a little.


She placed her hand on my hand and removed them from her cheeks, “No”.


“No one will see us” I grinned.


“Shut up!” she turned and pretended to look at the boats.


There was silence. I hugged her from the back and rested my head on her shoulder.






“I love you”


She reached out for my head and played with my hair slightly. Slowly she rested her whole body on mine, as though i was a wall where she could lean against. I looked down at her, her head was on my chest.


I kissed her forehead. I saw her eyes closing. She had removed her sunglasses then. I knew she was sleeping. I didn’t wish to disturb her, so i observed a few adults having a good game of beach football some few feet below us.


When the sun set, she slowly opened her eyes. She looked up at me and said, “I’m sorry”


I caressed her left cheek and the pinched her nose playfully. “It’s alright.”


She coughed and woke up. She wobbled a little bit and i quickly held her by the hands.


That’s when i realized how thin she had become. She noticed i was observing, smiled and said, “I’m no longer as fleshy as before..”


“I know. I don’t care. You still look good.” I hugged and kissed her at the top of the head.




She coughed again. We stood at the rocky cliff for as long as i could remember. When the sun finally set, we slowly descended the cliff.


And that’s when she coughed and puked blood.


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