The Five Days: Chapter 2

~Day Two~


The sun shone through the open window that i had left open the previous night after i had placed her on the bed.


It played about on my face, granting me warmth as i inhaled my breath. And as i inhaled, i could make out the lovely scent of Angels hair.


She was still asleep on my chest, as beautiful as ever.


I slowly moved her head, placed it on to the pillow and made my way slowly to the bathroom. After freshening up, i made breakfast for the both of us.


By the time i had reached the room with the breakfast in my hands, she was already awake and was combing her hair. She was looking at herself in the mirror as each stroke of the comb tore out more and more hair from her scalp.


The doctor said she won’t live long anymore. Time was short for her.


I didn’t know what else to do. She just stared at the doctor, without any emotion. I guess, deep down she knew that her time was coming.


“So what do i do, doc?” she asked the specialist.


“Do what everyone does. Go out and live out your life. Do things you’ve never done before. Do things that you always wanted to do, so that when you’re on your deathbed, you won’t regret not doing it”


To that, she turned to me and said, “Adam, will you marry me?”


I remembered that moment really well. That was two months ago. And here we are as husband and wife.


She looked at me through the pocket mirror of hers. She tried saying something but paused. And then as though she was forced to say it, she said, “I’m ugly”


I set the breakfast plate on the table and sat next to her. I stroked her hair and kissed her temple.


“No you’re not. You’re perfect”


I could feel the warmth on her cheeks. I kissed them. They were soft and gentle as freshly baked muffins.


“Do you think what we did was the right thing?” she asked.


“Right or wrong that’s a different thing. Are you happy with your decision?”


She looked into my eyes and said “Yes”


I smiled, hugged her tight and said, “I’m happy too”


We made love that morning and slept together till lunch. In the evening, i drove her to this little cafe.


We had dinner together for the first time as husband and wife. She was coughing a lot by evening. At one point, she coughed so much that she puked.


But she kept saying she was okay. I was getting extremely worried. But she kept telling me not to worry. It was normal it seemed to cough out blood.


Again that night, i took her in my arms, took her upstairs to our room, and slept for the second time together as husband and wife.


As she slept soundly on my shoulder, I kissed her softly on her head, a few pieces of hair stuck to my lips. I removed them.


I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.


I never regretted marrying her. And i never will.


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