The Five Days: Chapter 1


**Note: This post was inspired by a true life event. Something that caught my attention and made me ponder on life. I would love to express my deepest gratitude to Mithran for sending me the email. It definitely has inspired me to write even more. Thank you brother 🙂

~ The Wedding ~


If someone ever asked me, “Who’s the most beautiful woman you ever laid your eyes on.” Without any hesitation i would say, “Angel”


She really was a very beautiful person. She had tan skin, that sometimes looked as though it glowed. A nice set of natural black wavy hair and dreamy eyes. They were blue in color and when she looks at you, you feel all warm and cozy inside. It’s a nice feeling.


I met her in high school, was friends with her for two years before the both of us realised we both had a thing for each other.


I proposed to her at the park.


We had this favorite spot in the park. A small bench that was near the park’s pond. The bench was under a tree (don’t ask me what tree it was, i never really observed it, my gaze was always on her). When you sit, you have a beautiful view of ducks swimming, little kids flying kites, couples walking together hand in hand. It was beautiful. That was our favorite spot.


I sat next to her that day, held her hands and told her exactly this, “Angel, i think i’m in love.”


She wasn’t surprised or pretended to be surprise. See, she was an honest person. She looked at me in the eyes and said, “Yes, me too”


We kissed that day. It was the most beautiful moment in our life.


Fast forward eight years, here I am on my wedding day. Waiting for my bride to be to walk to the aisle.


The organ started playing, and there walked in the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on, fully in white wedding gown, walking confidently towards me.




As she walked, she coughed a little but then looked up at me and smiled. She looked tired. She was tired. But she was still the most beautiful Angel i ever set my eyes on.


She moved slowly, her father holding her hand and kept whispering words of confidence. I knew she was in pain as she walked, i felt sorry for her but she never once told me how painful it was. She never once wanted me to feel her pain.


She wanted me to be happy.


She reached the aisle, i held her hand and kissed her ear and said, “I’m here. I’m ready”


The wedding ceremony took place and we were crowned husband and wife. That night’s dinner was beautiful. We were treated like king and queen for the day.


Family friends, relatives, well wishers, everyone i knew since childhood were there to congratulate us.


I held her hand throughout the whole occasion. There were times when she laid her head on my shoulder. She was getting extremely tired. Fatigue was overcoming her.


Her skin was pale and she was loosing hair.


The dance floor had begun long before. But I decided that the both of us should leave. I couldn’t bear a second anymore with her feeling all the pain.


But she insisted. She wanted to dance.


So we danced. She was a graceful dancer. Leukemia had slowed her down, but she was still as graceful as ever.


I held both her hands, looked into her eyes. Occasionally I would kiss her forehead. I just wanted her to know that I never once regretted marrying her. I wanted to know that I deeply loved her. I wanted her to know that what the both of us did was the right and proper thing to do.


And I’ll always be there for her no matter what.


We danced for a few music pieces. But i thought enough was enough. She kept insisting on dancing but I really didn’t want her to go through anymore pain.


So we left.


We reached home, i carried her on my arms. Carried her all the way to our room. I reached the bed, placed her slowly on it, kissed her forehead, whispered “I love you” into her ears and laid beside her, still holding her hands.


She slept on my chest as i played with her hair till the both of us fell asleep in our wedding attire. I didn’t really mind. I was with her. She was with me. That’s all that mattered.


-End of Chapter 1


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