The Divine Play

I stood behind the curtain, my hands holding tight at the green cloth, my ears pricked to hear the signal to open the curtains, my eyes closed.

As I slowly open my eyes, my eyes chance upon the most beautiful creation I’ve ever set my eyes upon. The sight of a beautiful damsel clad in white outfit. She had a veil to cover her head and from the veil I could make out her beautiful eyes.

Our eyes met. We both stared at each other for a good moment or two.

And then, like as though it was meant to be, she looked away, her eyes focused on the stage curtains. The very same I was holding on to.

She readied herself. Took a few deep breaths. Although she was nervous, I could tell she was confident. She clasped the Tambura she held in her hand lightly.

And then the signal came. I opened the stage curtains and this beautiful being, came to life. I brought her to life.

Lights were turned on. And this angel started dancing. She had this amazing grace about her. And what a voice…

She danced and sang. Her steps were firm but soft. She swirled this way and that with the Tambura of her’s.

What divine beauty..

I had never seen any woman as beautiful, as humble nor as graceful as her. I even questioned myself if she was human or a divine being?

The world might had enjoyed her graceful divine dance steps, but this heavenly being mesmerised me in every single way.

What beauty! What grace!

The performance ended, the audience clapped their hands, I stood mesmerised. My eyes still on her.

She smiles at the audience, looks at me, signals with a smile. I end her life by closing the curtain with much hesitation.

With the curtain closed, she slowly makes her way off stage. Before stepping off, she turns to look at me, for one final time. Our eyes meet yet again. We communicated with our eyes. And when she had told me everything she wanted to tell, she slowly walks away gracefully, with humility.

Her soft steps touching the floor. What beautiful feet. It amazes me an angel with such beauty can have the humility to touch the floor using her feet when she has the choice of hovering over it.

I stood there, watching her go. My heart bursting with delight. With bliss. I’ve never felt such bliss from anyone before.

And then, as the actors and actresses congratulated each other off stage, I then realised all these was just a play. A divine play.

Life’s a beautiful play. I’m just a witness.

Love, love, love you all very very very much!
Sukhbir Cheema


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