The Day When It Rained: Chapter 5

~It Rained Again~

It rained again a year later, in the same city. People were again scurrying back to their cozy homes. Hot chocolate drinks were in their minds to keep them warm from the cold dreaded rain.

It rained like never before. First it started with tiny little drops, then it was as though the whole of heaven was heavy laden with water and decided to spill it onto the world.

Maria walked on. Slowly and carefully. Her walking stick hitting the pavement as she slowly ambled towards the traffic light which was just a few meters away. She couldn’t recognize herself anymore. She forgot how she looked like. Sje forgot how the world looked like…

Colors were replaced by darkness.

She slowly made her way towards the traffic light. She stopped, listening to the sound of the traffic. She could feel the vehicles whiz by her.

People walked past her. Some bumped their shoulders onto hers as they were in a hurry. No one bothered to see if she was alright. No one cared.

Maria stood there. Her mouth open. She muttered something. The muttering grew louder as the rain pelted her even harder.

“Hi… hi can anyone help me cross the street? I just want to get over to the other side… someone.. please”

No sound.

“Anyone.. please…sir…maam..?”

No one came to her rescue.

She decided to take matters into her own hand. She decided to cross the road herself. She placed her right food on the road, thought for a moment and pulled it back. It was too risky. She couldnt do it.

Disappointed, she knelled down on the pavement. She was wet from head to toe. Her black hat was the only thing that was keeping her head dry. But that too was terribly wet..

She sat on the pavement hugging her walking stick. She wished she was not blind. She wished she could see when to cross the road. She wished things didn’t go this way..

How could he do this to me? She asked herself. He loved me! How could he make me blind?? Why?? WHY??

Moments passed. The rain got heavier. People’s footsteps grew fainter. No one seemed to be passing there anymore.

Maria sat. Wet. Drenched with rain but she sat and held on to the walking stick.

Darkness was nothing to her now. It was like falling in a never ending dark tunnel. The only problem is you will never know when you will see the light at the end of the tunnel because you’re blind.

She felt something move on her head. Thinking it was a bird, she slapped her hat.

But it was not a bird. It was a hand. A wet hand. Wet with rain.

“Trying to cross the road too?”

It was a sound familiar to her. She heard this somewhere.

“You’re the blind guy..” Maria replied.

“Yeah.. still am” he replied.

There was a moment of silence. All she could hear was the rain pelting the pavement.

“Wanna cross the road together?” the blind man suggested.

“But I can’t see..”

The blind man laughed.

There was silence again. The blind man’s hand was still on her head. She held on to his hand.

“Let’s go for a drink till this rain stops shall we?” the blind man replied.

Maria smiled. Light at the end of the tunnel had finally arrived. The blind man held on to Maria’s hand and both, hitting their walking sticks on the pavements, made their way to a coffee shop.

And that day, it rained.



2 thoughts on “The Day When It Rained: Chapter 5”

  1. is truly unfortunate, but it happens in real life. People are too preoccupied with their needs and wants, they fail to stop and acknowledge their surroundings.

    not cathartic but nicely written.:)

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