The Day When It Rained: Chapter 4

~The Red Chevrolet~

“6.42!” Maria said aloud in her heart. She immediately let go of the blind man’s
hand and left even before he could express his gratitude to her.

She started jogging across the pavement, pass some shop lots, and pass a red Chevrolet, which she felt was quite familiar but as she had no time left, she decided to quicken her steps.

Little did Maria know, that sitting in the Red Chevrolet was indeed someone she knew, and she knew this person very well..

“Okay here she is…” Jay broke the silence in the red Chevrolet.

Adam looked at Maria with an expressionless face through the car mirror. Deep inside his heart, he prayed that the rumors were not true. He was sick of hearing people asking and telling him about his girlfriend.

“She’s turning towards that street. Lets follow her..” Jay turned the wheels of the car and slowly the red Chevrolet started moving. They were following Maria from a distance.

“Jay, do you think what we’re doing is right?” Adam spoke at last.

“Yeah man… you have all the right to know about this..” Jay spoke and then paused, took a deep breath. “If she does cheat on you Adam, you have all the rights to know.. You’re her boyfriend.”

Adam stared at Jay and thought hard.

Rumors kept coming to him about Maria flirting with some guys. Rumors about her with someone.. But whenever he asked Maria, she kept saying it’s a friend. A close friend.

“She keeps saying to me that he’s a friend. A close friend, Jay” Adam defended Maria.

“Yeah, that’s what ALL women say dude. It’s the best excuse and the most common one. “We’re just friends” and then BAM! She dumps you or you catch her having an affair with someone, and that’s it! All hopes and dreams are shattered.”

There was silence in the red Chevrolet again.

“I don’t want you to be heart broken dude.” Jay spoke as he turned the wheels again, as Maria turned towards the street and stood at a house entrance.

“What you did was right. You canceled the party with her because you want to catch her red handed, and bro, today you will.” Jay said as he petted Adam’s shoulder.

“It was an important party.. She just graduated and she wanted me to come along.” Adam was feeling disappointed for canceling the party..

“So?? Which is more important? Party or finding out the truth?”

“The truth..” Adam said as he sighed.

Both watched silently as Maria walked into the house. They waited for a while and then Jay broke the silence.

“Okay, time to go and find out.”

“Yeah.. I hope i don’t – ” Adam was silenced by Jay, who silenced him by raising his hand.

“Adam, if you do, i say IF you do find her cheating on you.. Be brave. Be strong. Don’t let someone hurt you. People can be so close to you man, but bro, it’s a fucked up world we’re all living in. In the end, the same dog that you feed bites you.”

Both of them got out of the car.

Adam took a deep breath. He didn’t want to picture Maria cheating on him. He loves Maria so much that he didn’t realise that his love had turned into an obsession. His love was no longer love.. It was something else.

Something else…

Both crossed the street, past a few cars and houses and they were at the front of the house. Loud music could be heard and also noises of people laughing and talking.

But all that didn’t seem so loud to Adam. The loudest thing in his mind now was his heartbeat. He could hear it. Every beat. And with each beat, hot blood pumped into his head. He was very nervous.

Nervous and hopeful that Maria doesn’t catch Maria cheating on him.

He closed his eyes for a moment. Tried to picture Maria’s smiling face. That innocent smiling face radiating with love only for him.

But it was erased the moment he opened his eyes and peeped through the window…

There was Maria, sitting with a man, both were laughing and that man was sitting very close to her. So close that it made Adam’s temple
throb with anger.

He could feel his heartbeat raising, everything else became silent. All he could hear was his heartbeat pumping hot blood to his head, towards his brains and he could hear his inner voice shouting in rage. He shoved Jay aside and barged through the doorway.

He walked up to Maria who was so engrossed in the conversation with that unknown person that she didn’t realise that he was standing infront of her.

“I knew it…” Adam said.

Maria looked up and was shocked to see her Adam standing there.

“Honey! What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be away with some urgent stuff to do?”

Adam didn’t respond to her questions. Instead he was breathing in and out heavily. All he felt was shaking Maria up and asking her why did she do this to him.. “Why Maria?? Why???” His inner voice kept screaming that.

“So, all this while the rumors about you were true…” Adam said as he clenched his fist. He could feel his vein bulging and filling up with hot blood filled with anger cells. He tried to calm himself down.

“What rumors? What rumors?” Adam observed her face as she said that.. He could feel the insincerity in her voice. She was defending herself.. That bitch!

“I loved you with all my heart Maria and this is what you do to me? This is what I get in return?” Adam shouted. He felt like hitting something. He just didn’t know what to hit to burn away this energy that was filled with anger.

“Calm down Adam!” the unknown face decided to interrupt the conversation.

“Shut up! I know how to come calm myself!” Adam snapped back. He was uncontrollable. His whole body was shaking with anger. With each heartbeat, his inner voice kept saying “Hit something!! Hit something!!”

“Tell me what’s bothering you Adam?” Maria pleaded. She held Adam’s hands. Adam pushed them away and got hold of an empty beer bottle from a nearby table, looked at Maria and said, “You”

“Calm yourself man! Please!” the unknown face too was getting terrified. It seemed the soft music that was playing in the background had stopped. And everyone had stopped dancing and were watching like hawks at the incident that was unfolding before their eyes.

Adam’s inner voice screamed in fury, “Hit her!!! Hit HER!!!!!”

“Maria, if you hurt me, then I have to hurt you.” So saying this, Adam spun his hand and with the beer bottle in his hand, decided to hit Maria. He knew hitting her will make him feel good. Feel good because this is what men do, when someone hurts you, you hurt them back. It will make him feel good. Let her throb with pain.. My pain is more worst!

Everything happened in a split second.

Adam couldn’t imagine that someone he loved so much betrayed him in such a way. Everything has gone to waste. Everything!

But no, not yet. She’s still standing, if i hit her now, it will make me feel good and she will be in pain. It’s the law of natured. People who hurt you deserved to be treated the same. Adam’s inner voice was barking like a mad dog. “Hit her!! Hit her HARD!!”

Maria raised her hands to defend herself.

Adam was filled with anger and disgust for Maria. The beer bottle came closer and closer to Maria’s hand. And Adam focused every singled energy onto his hands. I want her to suffer!!

Everyone at the party gasped.

The beer bottle hit Maria’s hand and it broke into a million pieces. A sudden gush of pain shot up from her arm and straight to her brain. She could see Adam’s satisfaction as the beer bottle hit her arm.

He felt relieved. It was like letting go of a huge burden. Like carrying a huge boulder and then letting go of it. It felt good. But it only lasted for a moment..

The relief turned to fear when some of the broken bottle’s pieces went flying towards Maria’s eyes.

He couldn’t do anything to stop it. They went flying and were closing in towards her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. The eyes that he used to look into.. What the fuck did you do Adam?

He could hear Maria screaming as her hands moved about her eyes. She was on the floor, writhing in pain, screaming and sobbing.

The pieces of the glass had pierced through both her eyes.

He didn’t want this to happen. This was not what he had in mind.. This was definitely not what he had in mind!

He could hear people screaming, “Ohh God!! Oh God!” and everyone shoved him aside and pulled her up. Blood was squirting from her eyes and it was wetting her shirt.

“Shit! She’s bleeding bad!! Call an ambulance!” someone shouted.

Adam walked a few steps back. He was afraid, very afraid. He didn’t wanted this to happen.. Not to Maria.. NO!

Jay came running into the house. “What the fuck did you do man?? What the fuck did you do???”

The unknown face shoved everyone aside, more and more people were closing in on Maria. She was writhing in pain.

“Is that how you treat your girlfriend?” the unknown face said. “You thought she was cheating on you huh?? Do you know who am i? I’m her childhood friend! I’m fucking married!”

“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to! I thought she was cheating on me!” Adam fell to the floor, his eyes on Maria.

“Is this what you call love? Hitting her and blinding her, you call this love??”

Adam was feeling remorseful. He sat and covered his face with his hands, hoping he could make himself disappear. Hoping that he could get up and see that all these was just a dream.

But no. It was not.

The paramedics arrived. So did the police. The damage was done. It was over.

-End of Chapter 4-


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