The Day When It Rained: Chapter 3

~The Girl’s Point of View~

It was still raining as the girl walked past a couple of shop lots in the city. She passed by many people who were rushing back home.

She looked up at the sky, wondering when the rain will stop. But it seemed to pour more and more.

She decided to quicken her steps as she was getting late for a party. It’s a small party, organized by her college mates to celebrate their graduation day. She looked at her watch.

6.35 pm.

“I’m getting late. Party’s at 7…” she muttered to herself as she walked past a few giggling girls.

The rain seemed like it won’t stop as it kept on pouring and pouring. The girl wiped her wet face. She was wet, the result of not bringing an umbrella…

And that’s when she saw him. He was standing there by the traffic light. He too, was wet and he seemed to be talking to himself.

She walked closer to him, as she couldn’t hear what he was saying and that’s when she realized that he was blind. He was stammering, the result of being cold and wet. And he was pleading with the passerby’s to help him cross to the other side of the road.

She was getting late for the party, but she decided to help him anyway. And so she went closer to him, looked at his face and said “Come, let me help you”.

Through the blind man’s face, she could see he was as old as she was. 20 something. Slightly taller than she was and was a little thin, due to malnutrition.

The girl held his hand. It was cold and it was shivering. The light flickered to the green man and it was a sign for the passersby’s to walk and cross to the other side. The girl held the blind man’s hand tight, and she waded her way across a sea of people who were also crossing from the other side.

It seemed everyone were in a hurry. She was in a hurry too.

As she reached the other side of the road, she looked at her watch and gasped.

“6.42!” she said aloud in her heart. She immediately let go of the blind man’s hand and left even before he could express his gratitude to her.

She started jogging across the pavement, pass some shop lots, and pass a red Chevrolet, which she felt was quite familiar but as she had no time left, she decided to quicken her steps.

All the while she was running, the girl felt good about herself. She pictured the blind man’s face and how happy he was when she helped him cross the street. She was happy too.

She reached a corner, and that was when she slowed her pace. She came to a house which was painted in pink, and she rang the doorbell.

And old lady opened the door for her. She was wearing a white Punjabi suit and she was extremely plump. But from the way she looked, she seemed like a nice old lady who is constantly cheerful.

“Glad you could make it! Come in! Come in! They are all waiting for you inside.” The old lady gestured the girl to come in.

As the girl made her way inside the cozy home, she was greeted with a loud cheer and roar from her college mates. And yes, not forgetting the aroma of fried chicken grilled with honey.

The whole house was in a party mood and there were lots of decorations in the house. As the girl walked even further to the hall, she saw a banner stating “Freedom at last!” decorated with glitters and paints.

“I made that” a voice said behind her and the girl turned and saw a familiar face.

“Hey, I didn’t know you’re here too”, the girl was happy, for someone close to her was with her for today’s party. He could be a nice stand-in for her boy friend who phoned to her just and hour ago stating that he couldn’t make it for this party due to some reasons.

“Wanna dance?” the familiar face said.

“Yeah sure”

A soft music started playing in the background. Everyone one were dancing to the music. It was beautiful. Soon after the song ended, the girl decided to sit on a nearby sofa and chat with this familiar face.

They both sat and started to talk. They talked about many things. Their past, the times they had together, the present and also the future. The girl was having a good time as she missed this familiar face a lot.

As they both were so immersed in their conversation, they didn’t realize a figure was standing infront of them.

“I knew it…” the figure said.

The girl looked up and was shocked to see her boyfriend standing there.

“Honey! What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be away with some urgent stuff to do?”

The figure didn’t respond to her questions. Instead he was breathing in and out heavily.

“So, all this while the rumors about you were true…” the figure said as he clenched his fist.

“What rumors? What rumors?”

“I loved you with all my heart Maria and this is what you do to me? This is what I get in return?”

The figure was getting extremely angry. As Maria could see, he was wet from head to toe and was breathing in and out heavily. His face red with anger.

“Calm down Adam!” the familiar face decided to interrupt the conversation.

“Shut up! I know how to come calm myself!” Adam was uncontrollable. His whole body was shaking with anger.

“Tell me what’s bothering you Adam?” Maria pleaded. She held Adam’s hands. Adam pushed them away and got hold of an empty beer bottle from a nearby table, looked at Maria and said, “You”

“Calm yourself man! Please!” the familiar face too was feeling terrified. It seemed the soft music that was playing in the background had stopped. And everyone had stopped dancing and were watching like hawks to the incident that was unfolding before their eyes.

“Maria, if you hurt me, then I have to hurt you.” So saying this, Adam spun his
hand and with the beer bottle in his hand, decided to hit Maria.

Everything happened in a split second.

Maria raised her arm to protect her face. She didn’t know this was coming from her own beloved boyfriend. In that split second, Maria remembered all those sweet moments she had with him. The stroll in the park, the movies she went with him, the motorbike ride, everything.

Adam was filled with anger and disgust for Maria. The beer bottle came closer and closer to Maria’s hand.

Everyone at the party gasped.

The beer bottle hit Maria’s hand and it broke into a million pieces. A sudden gush of pain shot up from her arm and straight to her brain. She could see Adam’s satisfaction as the beer bottle hit her arm.

But she could also see something else.

As the beer bottle broke when it hit her hand, some of the pieces went flying all over and some were coming towards her eyes.

She could see them clearly. They were coming down like a meteor shower. Adam’s satisfactory face turned to fear.

They drew closer and closer to her. She had no time to close her eyes. And that’s when everything went pitch black.

She could hear people screaming and one was shouting “Oh God! Oh God!” Then she heard Adam’s voice “I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to! I thought she was cheating on me!”

The voices were growing further and further away. Then, silence. She could see and hear nothing.

After some moment of silence, she could hear the faint wailing of an ambulance. She could hear the paramedics talking to themselves. They were shouting and giving out orders.

She could feel herself being lifted up.

The paramedics did their duty swiftly. They hoisted Maria on to the ambulance, closed the door and made their way to the hospital.

The ambulance passed a narrow lane. The lane where the blind man lived.

“Another person in critical condition…” the blind man thought to himself as he
listened to the sound growing fainter and fainter into a distance.

The night was getting cold, and so the blind man decided to sleep. He got
up from his sofa, knelt down, and said his night prayers;

“Oh Lord, today was a magnificent day for me,
It all started with a few rain drops,
And ended with sweet memories,
Thank you dear Lord,
For letting me have such a great day,
I didn’t have my dinner today,
I’m not hungry,
I just heard an ambulance pass by,
Someone somewhere has got hurt,
Please protect him or her,
Your son

And God was protecting her.

-End of Chapter 3-


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