The Day When It Rained: Chapter 2

~That Feeling~

It was raining the whole day. It rained and rained and everyone thought it would never stop.

The citizens were cursing God for letting the rain pour at such an
unexpected hour and ruining their evening respites. But the blind man
didn’t. He was the only one thanking God for letting the rain pour.

It started to drizzle as he made his way home. The blind man could sense
it was already seven because he could hear the temple bells of a nearby
temple ringing. He knew it was going to be night soon and he had to get
home fast.

So he started walking faster and as he reached a corner of the street, he
placed his right hand on the wall and caressed it. He was feeling for
the cracks on the wall to determine that he’s on the right footpath to
his home.

“Ah! There it is…,” he muttered to himself as he felt the cracks on the wall and started to walk.

As he reached his home, he was welcomed by the usual stench of a nearby
McDonald eatery and the usual sound of rats squeaking. He smiled to

He used his walking stick to feel the environment around him. He was pacing to and fro and was hitting his walking street on every object of his residence. As he hit each object he would mutter to himself as if to make sure if all the things are in place.

“Wooden box…”


“Old newspapers…”

“Used sofa…”

He stopped hitting and smiled to himself.

“Home sweet home…”

He walked a little to the front and as he did that, he counted in his breath, each step he took, “5….4…3….2…1…”

He stood for a moment infront of the sofa. He bent down slightly to caress it. He could feel it was slightly worn out but he didn’t care. Some wool from the sofa were falling out too. As he caressed it, he could remember himself looking at the sofa for the first time when he was a kid in its grandeur.

His mother bought it for Christmas and the blind man remembered well the wonderful days he spent with his mother on this very sofa.

He remembered the days when he was sick, and he used to lie down on this sofa, and his mother used to make him hot chicken soup. “Drink up”, she will say. And he would feel better the next day.

He remembered the days when he used to open the Christmas presents on Christmas day and hug his mother each time she bought his favorite toy.

He even remembered the days when he used to get spanking from his mother whenever the time came to show his mother his school report card.

He remembered the days when he used to watch his favorite Saturday morning cartoons and how his mother will make him a vanilla ice cream and they would sit together and watch Sylvester trying to grab Tweety. And each time Sylvester fails in his attempt, they would both burst out laughing. They would laugh till tears filled their eyes. What memorable time it was…

These days, the tears roll down on the cheek of the blind man for different reasons…
The sofa was pink in color. His mother’s favorite color. Now it’s all dusty and worn out…

The blind man sat on the old sofa. Placed his walking stick next to him and closed his eyes. He could hear some stray cats mewing nearby, and some dogs howling. Hearing these sounds comforted him. Hearing them makes him believe that he’s still alive and moving.

He could feel something moving near his legs. He bent forward and reached for it. It was long and slimy but furry at one end. It was squeaking frantically.

A rat.

The blind man chuckled and placed the rat a few feet away from him and went back to closing his eyes.

It’s normal for him to get in contact with these creatures all the time. The lane which he lives in and calls his home is also home to these creatures and he has been living with them for a long time now.

Shop keepers throw out unwanted products and leftovers here everyday. But to the blind man, an old discarded wooden box is considered a grace from God.

The blind man closed his eyes and tried to focus his thoughts on the girl’s soft touch on his right arm. The softest of all touches…His right hand started to twinge. He soon could feel the warmth of the girl’s hand as she directed him to cross the street.

He smiled to himself when he remembered the girl’s voice. She had the sweetest voice.

The most assuring of all voices…

But how did she look like?

The blind man started imagining how she might look like. At first he imagined a girl with long wavy hair, smiling at him, but then he decided she might not have wavy hair after all.

He imagined her with straight black hair and as she looks at him, she smiles and waves.

Maybe she doesn’t have straight hair. “She might have shoulder length hair”, he said to himself. And he imagined a girl with shoulder length hair.

Nice straight, black shoulder length hair.

Just as he was making up whether the girl has shoulder length hair or not, his thoughts were distracted by the sound of an ambulance passing by.

“Another person in critical condition…” he thought to himself as he listened to
the sound growing fainter and fainter into a distance.

The night was getting cold, and so the blind man decided to sleep. He got up from his sofa, knelt down, and said his night prayers;

“Oh Lord, today was a magnificent day for me,
It all started with a few rain drops,
And ended with sweet memories,
Thank you dear Lord,
For letting me have such a great day,
I didn’t have my dinner today,
I’m not hungry,
I just heard an ambulance pass by,
Someone somewhere has got hurt,
Please protect him or her,
Your son.”

And so, the blind man, went to sleep.

And as he slept, the girl with the shoulder length hair was in his dreams. She was sitting on a swing which was fixed to a shady tree. She was swaying to and fro, laughing happily. He could see her clearly. He tried calling out for her. But she kept on swinging.

“What’s your name?” There was no answer from her. She just kept on smiling at him.

And then, everything went pitch black. There was silence.

-End of Chapter 2-


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