The Day When It Rained: Chapter 1

God is really amazing. I had deleted my Friendster account and Bala and me were really disappointed because The Day When It Rained got deleted together with it as well.

Or so i thought. But as it turns out, the account was no longer available but the blog was still there!

Bala, this whole post & the next upcoming 4 more is dedicated to you and Sangkaran. Here it is, The Day When It Rained:


This story was written and conceptualized in the year 2005. I posted it on this very blog but it got accidentally deleted.

After recollecting my thoughts, i managed to recreate Chapter 1 and it was posted here on the 8th of July 2006, 1 year and 11 months ago. In the span of 3 months, i managed to create 3 chapters for this story.

But i stopped at Chapter 3 because i lost touched to the story…

Today, i’ve decided to continue writing the journey of the blind man again.. If it was not for the fateful chat that i had with Bala at the KFC an hour ago, this story would not have been revived.

Bro, i owe you one.

“Love is like boarding an express train. You’re supposed to get
off at Southsbury, but you end up dropping off at Wrexham” – Anonymous


That day it was raining. Everyone were running back to their cosy
homes and apartments to avoid the terrible rain. Everyone except the
blind man. He was just walking on the pavement, hitting it with his
stick to see if there are any obstruction on the way.

The rain pelted the blind man’s face and body. He was soaking wet,
from head to toe. Nobody cared to lend him an umbrella. It was a busy
street, but every single one of them were too busy making their way
home. Who cares about the blind man? No one…

The poor blind man made his way to the traffic light. He knows the
way to the traffic light because he was walking on this very pavement
all his life. One hand he held his walking stick, and the other hand he
wiped his face as he stood and tried to cross the road to get to the
other side.

People walked passed him. As they walked passed him, their shoulders
collided, instead of helping the blind man cross the street they in
return yell “Are you blind?! Watch where you’re going!” Nobody cared…

The blind man stood at the wet pavement. In his mind he was
wondering when will the right time come to cross the road. He could
hear the cars passing by. He had good hearing. So he made good use of
it. He stood there listening to the cars whizzing by. There came a time
when he could no longer hear the honkings or the whizzing of the cars
passing by. A good time to cross the road? Maybe…

He placed his foot on the road and immediately pulled it back when
he heard a car honking as it passed by. The driver yells “You wanna
die?!”. How was he to cross the road? He was blind. Why can’t anyone
help? He stood there, soaking wet. Waiting…

He decided to somehow ask for help. He could hear some girls
giggling behind him. Maybe they could help him. Give it a try. He opens
his mouth to speak. He was soaking wet and he was feeling extremely
cold, so he was stammering as he spoke. “Ex…excuse me.. can.. can you
people.. help… me cross.. the .. the road? P..please?”.

The girls were still giggling, but their voices and giggles seemed
to drift further and further away from him. Nobody cared about him.
Everyone were afraid of getting wet. Who cares about the blind man. No

The blind man stood like for eternity. He was soaking wet and he was
feeling very cold. He stood at the pavement. He stood there because
deep down he knew an angel will come and guide him to cross the street.
Will the angel come? The blind man stood, soaking wet and with the rain
still pelting his face and body. He waited, and waited…

Just when all hopes seemed to fade away. Just when he decided to
leave it all to God and cross the street, he felt the softest touch on
his right arm. The arm that held his walking stick. It was the most
warmest and comfortest touch. He felt so cosy and secured, because he
knew that the person who held his hand, would not let it go, and that
hand will guide him to the other side. His angel had arrived.

In a form of a girl. Through the way she spoke, so comforting, she
said “Come, let me help you”. It was magic. It was as if he was born

Time slowed down. The rain dropped slowly. People were moving
slowly. All the noises; car honkings, the rain beating the pavement,
people talking, all died down. He could only hear the soft footsteps of
his angel guiding him to cross the street. And she held his hand like
she will never let go. And she never did.

And the sounds of her footsteps, the blind man kept them in his
heart. It was the only way he could identify her. It was beautiful..

They both reached the other side of the road. Just when the blind
man was about to thank her, she left. “She’s gone..” a passerby says as
he passes the blind man. The blind man stood there smiling. Smiling
because for the first time after such a long time, he was in love. And
that day, it rained

-End of Chapter 1-


3 thoughts on “The Day When It Rained: Chapter 1”

  1. man…this brings back the memories of that chat we had ages ago while at intertouch! missed the place man, and thanks bringing this back! 🙂

    the day it rained….and this will be our movie again…. now to go find that song…. saavan!

  2. Yeah man 🙂 It was just like it happened yesterday. How time just whizzes by…

    No worries man. And another good news, i’ve downloaded the song as well 🙂

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