The Dark Figure


The television flickered on and the sound of the news reporter could be heard, muffled. The bright light from the screen illuminated the dark room as a figure slowly sits on the leather sofa across the television. Sipping on his whiskey, the figure slowly changes channels, flipping through each news channel, taking in every news report.

“The crime rate in KL is at an all time high. With the recent robberies taking place and with the recent video of a husband beating his wife, the public has been jolted with another bad surprise. This time in the form of the Acid Splasher. Yes, he’s back and he claimed his latest victim just an hour ago..”

The dark figure sips on his drink as the image of the news reporter is switched to the image of a police officer.

“We would try our best to put a stop to this menace. Leave it to us, the police. I would want the public to remain calm and inform us incase anything…”

The dark figure switches off the television. He takes a deep long breath, takes a last sip from his whiskey, and then dons his cape.

As it starts pouring outside, with the deafening sound of the rain and the sound of the rolling thunder in the distant, with the cloud of rain engulfing KL City, giving the city a dark depressive hue, something conjured out from the mind of a sick child, the caped crusader slowly climbs out from the window, looks at the city and without any hesitation, jumps.

The people in the city, will sleep in peace tonight. The Dark Figure’s back.


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