The Bus Driver

The bus screeches to a halt.

The passengers take their own time getting off the bus. At the bottom, they are a few more waiting to board it.

The bus driver rummages his shirt pocket for a cigarette. He finds it, sticks it to his lips, picks a lighter which was on the dashboard seconds earlier, lights the cigarette and proceeds to smoke.

He has short unkept hair with blood shoot eyes, thanks to lack of sleep. His moustache and beard, untrimmed, thanks to lack of time.

He wore a dusty blue Levis jacket with jeans. He had this rugged look on him.

The last passenger got down from the bus making way for the ones waiting at the bottom to board the bus.

The bus driver inhales and exhales the smoke.

He looks blankly at the cars whizzing by the bus. Everyone minding their own businesses. Everyone with their own agenda.

Life is such a routine.

A Chinese school girl with blonde hair boards the bus. The bus driver observes her from head to toe. She wore a tight blue school uniform and her skirt was short on purpose.

Youngsters these days.

The bus driver observed her legs. They were smooth and he imagined how they would look like if he rubs them with oil. How they would glow as he caressed them.

His eyes slowly made way up to her breasts. They were beautifully large. He knew it was all make do. She must have inserted a bunch of tissues or something to make them look large.

But yet, he didn’t mind the thrill.

She sat behind his seat. And from the mirror at the top, he could make out the color of her undies.

The bitch was wearing a black thong.

He smiled to himself, puffed the cigarette and adjusted his crotch.

Jalan! (Move!)” his coworker, the bus conductor, banged on the ceiling of the bus. 

The bus driver shifted gears and the bus jerked forward.

Panas ahh hari ini? (It’s a hot day today huh?)” His coworker said as he removed the cap from the water bottle nearby.

Yeah lah.. hujan pun tadak mari. (Yeah.. it rarely rains these days.)” the bus driver replied.

“Ehh..” the bus conductor looked around and whispered to the driver’s ears.

You ada tengok itu budak sekolah kah? (Did you see that school girl over there?)”

The driver nod his head and grinned at the conductor.

Besar wooooo!!! (They’re huge!!!)” the conductor laughs.

Dulu saya punya time ahh… perempuan semua tadak ini macam tau.. (You know, back in my time, girls never used to dress to school this way).” the driver says.

Itu dulu lu punya time lar boss… sekarang semua perempuan pun ini macam punya. Semua mau kena kasi jolok saja.. (Those days are long gone boss, these days women are like these. Every single one wishes to be fucked.)”

The bus driver puffed on his cigarette.

Soon, the bus was empty, except for the Chinese school girl sitting behind his seat.

His coworker whispered into his ears, “Boss… bas sudah tak penuh (Boss… the bus is empty.)”

The bus driver looks at the conductor. The conductor smiles and winks.

Life, it’s such a routine. Once in a while, it’s okay to break the barriers, break a little bit of rule. After all, it’s for your own self. It’s for your own satisfaction.

Amacam boss? (What do you say boss?)” the conductor grins, looks at the Chinese school girl and winks at her.

The girl, realizing something was wrong, shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She had this worried look on her face.

Tetek besar woo boss… hari hari ini macam punya passenger tadak mari wooo. Kita punya lucky day! (Her tits are huge boss… we don’t get such passengers everyday. Today’s our lucky day!)”

The bus driver ponders for a moment. He imagines himself making out with her. Those succulent nipples in his mouth.

He looks at the mirror once again, but something catches his eye. Something that didn’t make sense to a lot of people.

The sticker at the top of the mirror. The symbol of “Om”.

The bus driver stops the bus at the side of the road.

Caya lah lu boss! Boleh buat sama dia dekat itu hutan sana (That’s the spirit boss! We can fuck her behind those bushes over there)” his coworker gets down from the bus.

The bus driver smiles at his coworker, shifts gear and accelerates.

Behind him, he could hear the conductor screaming for the bus to stop. He could hear him screaming bad words. But he didn’t care.

People are too selfish. We got to be even more selfish.

The girl, on the other hand, remained quiet.

The bus driver then looks at the mirror, at the girl and asks her, “You tinggal mana? (Where do you live?)”

The girl was silent.

Tinggal mana? (Where do you live?)” the bus driver raises his voice.

“Thi…Thivi Jaya..”

Moments later, the bus driver drops the girl in front of her house.

She runs to the gate, shuts it and looks at the bus driver for one last time.

Telima Kasih.. (Thank you…)”

The bus driver nods, picks out a cigarette from his pocket, puffs it and makes his way home.

Everyone has a choice in life. It’s choices that makes decisions. And decisions that makes destiny. Destiny makes life.

That night, the bus driver brought back his last paycheck from his bus company. He was fired for abandoning his coworker.

But he was glad he didn’t take the wrong choice. As he passed the paycheck to his wife, he picked up his 2 year old daughter, sat the at front porch of his house and observed the stars together.


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