The Breeze

“No Lessy, that’s yours.”

I tugged on Lessy as she tried sniffing on her own poop. I have no idea why dogs loved sniffing their poop after each session. It doesn’t make sense. I mean, if they want to know if the poop is healthy or not, all they have to do is look at it and say, “Ahh today’s one is quite soft but looks thick. It’s a healthy one.”

Or, “Owhh damn. It’s watery. Better watch my eating habits.”

No. They don’t do that. They sniff.

I tugged on her but she tugged back and tried sniffing.

“Fine! Have it your way then” I let her go close to her pile of shit. She sniffed it for a while and moved along.

“How was it? Smelt good?” i asked.

She walked on pretending not to hear. I rolled my eyes. “Dogs..” I muttered under my breath.

I walked past a bunch of kids playing badminton. The sun was hot but it felt good on my skin. It was a lonf time since i was exposed to the sun. Most of the time i was in my room surfing and listening to the music.

I was not well. Was down with the fever and flu. And sore throat as well.

I looked at Lessy. She was loosing her hair. She’s an old bitch now. Already 10 years old. I tried counting her dog years by multiplying with the number 7.

I gasped and looked down at her, “Shit! You’re a 70 year old ass!”

She kept on walking steadily.

“Damn..” I kept on observing her.

Suddenly, a cold breeze blew on my face. I could see Lessy’s hair getting ruffled in the breeze. The grasses were playing along with the breeze as well. It was a good feeling. A mix of hot and cold. The sun was still hitting on my skin and with the breeze blowing, it reminded me of Parthi.

That was exactly how i felt when i was in Parthi. It reminded me of the year 2006. It reminded me of lost memories.

It is time.

I smiled to myself. I know one thing’s for sure, i will be going to Puttaparthi this year πŸ™‚


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