The Believer


The cafe was quiet save for the sound of a man sipping on his Sake at the counter. The cafe walls were slightly cracked but they were still intact and life was slowly returning to normal in Tokyo. The man, adjusted his tie and took another sip of his Sake.


He was a man in his 30’s, wearing a white shirt with a loose purple tie. He sat sipping and looking into the open space. Zoning as some would call it. Just a few distance away from him was the cafe owner, an old man with a hat. He walked towards the young man.


“Need one more?” the cafe owner asked the man.


“No thank you.” the man said as he rolled his sleeves and stared into the open space.


There was silence once again save for the sound of tractors clearing the debris outside.


“You know what’s funny?” the man spoke. The cafe owner edged closer to the man. “What?”


“The funny thing was..” he took a deep breath and then continued, “The funny thing was everything was normal one moment. And then the next..” he raises his hands to symbolize what he meant, “Chaos.”


The cafe owner nodded.


“I was in my office when it happened. Had to finish up some stuff and then I could feel the walls shaking. My table shook. It was crazy. The the waters came…” the man sighed. “I think i’ll have another one.”


The cafe owner poured Sake into his little cup.


“Do you believe in God and Death?” the man said as he took a sip.


The cafe owner thought for a while and then he said, “I’m an atheist so I don’t believe in God but yes, I do believe in Death. And after what I’ve experienced, the power of Nature.”


“I hate God..” the man said.


“Does that mean you used to believe in him?”


“Used to. But now I don’t.”


“Why not?”


The man paused for a while, sipped on his Sake and then continued, “I mean look, if there was God, none of this would have ever happened.”


“True, true.” the cafe owner shook his head.


There was silence again. The man broke it.


“But why don’t you believe in God?”


“Because there’s no such thing as God. Only coincidences.”


The man thought for a while, “So whatever that has happened to us, is coincidence?”


“Yes. Everything. Nothing is from God.”


“Then where does it come from?”


“No one knows.” the cafe owner chuckled and said, “Coincidence”


The man thought for a while, gulped down his Sake and  got up from his seat, staggered a little and bade farewell to the cafe owner.


As he walked out of the dark, dull and lonely cafe, as he crossed the road, he turned back to see the cafe. And that’s when it happened. Just like that, without warning, the roof of the cafe collapsed killing the cafe owner inside.


Coincidence or work of God?


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