The After Life

I died yesterday and met my father and he said, “Hello, welcome to the club.”

And then he bade me goodbye and left, stating that his job was done. I didn’t fully understand what he had meant.

So he explained that apparently when people die, they don’t really go to heaven or hell. Nor do they take another birth. They’re still present and pretty much alive but on a different level. The only difference was, you can’t communicate with the living but you can always let your presence known or felt.

So he told me to try it on my mum.

She was crying, looking at my lifeless blood soaked body. And to make her feel better, I sort of opened the windows a little bit to let the breeze in. Dad cautioned me not to over do it as it would scare her.

So I opened the window real slowly and just enough to let some cold evening air into my room.

She stopped crying but didn’t look at the window.

I suppose she didn’t realise my presence, but she became much calmer after that.

I sighed with relief. Had I opened it loudly and widely, that would have scared the bejesus out of her.

After observing mum for a minute or two, dad took leave of me, saying that he had done his job. When I asked him where he was off to, he simply replied somewhere far and quiet and that I would go there too. “But how do i know when to go there?” He replied, “Owh you’ll know.”

So there I was, constantly observing my mum ever since then. Sort of stalking her.

The thing is, being dead, you can never feel sleepy or hungry and that sucks because it gets really really boring. I do meet other souls at times but they’re too busy stalking their loved ones just like me. So we just nod, smile and say hello to each other.

I met a soul of a cat the other day, busy climbing a wall. It was stalking its master. It purred and sat at the window sill observing its master who was baking an apple pie.

I also saw a kid following a woman once when I was stalking mum while she was grocery shopping. Cute little fella and we chatted a little. Apparently he had died after sustaining head injuries. His father, he said, used to beat him alot. But his mum was real nice and she used to get beaten up too for trying to defend him.

He had to take leave after his mum had paid at the counter. I wished he could have stayed longer.

And then, there was once, I spotted a baby spirit too. It was not crying, rather sort of waiting, lying there silently at the pavement. And then it sort of.. disappeared.

I suppose that happened because babies are too young to develop emotional attachment to people unlike us.

And you know, being a spirit I kind of realised alot of things.

Things such as for example; have you ever thought how things that go missing suddenly magically appear at a specific spot even after you had searched high and low for it?

For instance, like the other day, mum was looking for the TV remote and she was looking under the sofa and the cabinets and drawers but to no avail. I found it tucked comfortable under a pile of unwashed clothes. So I took it out, and placed in between the sofa, with the tip sticking out so that she could notice it and at the same time not appearing too obvious. She found it and was sort of puzzled as to how it got there.

And then there was this one time, when she was driving home after meeting a friend, she was really tired and it was dark and she fell asleep on the wheels. A lorry was fast approaching and I had to do the only thing I could do; I turned the wheel slightly and she woke up and quickly swerved to the left, avoiding an ugly collision.

Phew! That was a close one.

So you see, when you ask yourself as to how something magically appears or how you can suddenly wake up in a middle of something important or dangerous, it’s just us spirits doing our job to keep you safe and out of trouble.

We sort of watch over you.

Although I personally feel it’s stalking.

The worst part is you see stuff that you didn’t know people you love do.

Like my girlfriend, Sara.

I didn’t know she digs her nose and eats the booger. Disgusting!

But I still stalk her once in a while, juggling mum at the same time. It’s easy to do that, since we’re connected emotionally to them we’re able to transport ourselves to them in a jiffy.

My favorite part is the part where they go to sleep.

Mum’s really elegant when she says a short prayer and wraps herself in a blanket.

Sara on the other hand sleeps soundly and she’s really beautiful when her hair sort of falls on her lips. It’s interesting but boring at the same time watching both sleep.

I suppose, when mum passes on, we’ll meet and I will have to go to this far away and quiet place where dad had gone to. And then she will follow suit once she has done watching over whoever she loves.

But I think, unlike dad, I have a feeling we’ll go to that far away quiet place together. I know it because I had seen her hugging my photo and crying herself to sleep in the nights.

She only loved me in the end.

I don’t need to worry about Sara though as she’s being stalked by someone whom I know is able to watch over her well even after I leave.

I can guarantee it because I had just spoken to him couple of moments ago and he was her boyfriend too.

Just like me, he too doesn’t mind that he was killed in his sleep by Sara. Sara’s lucky to have two spirits loving her.


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