The Adventures of Monkey Island

Picture yourself pissed drunk, in a middle of an island and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

And to get to that island, you’ve got to use a boat (about 15 minutes ride) and again, you’re pissed drunk on the boat. The boat’s bobbing, and the sea water’s rushing in but you don’t care, you’re enjoying the boat ride because when you look up you can see the stars and the moon, as though they’re dark blankets, perfect timing to sleep (but you can’t sleep because if you do, you’ll fall off the boat).

So to keep yourself awake you light a ciggi, and you feel the breeze on your face, the sea water caresses your legs and you’re sitting next to a bunch of lively foreigners. You observe your surroundings. Your friends appear much more beautiful and closer and you take another puff.

And before you know it, you’ve arrived at Langkawi’s Monkey Island, where a full moon open beach party happens every once a month.

You start hearing the soft thumps and beats of the music playing on the speakers. And you see a dude playing with fire ropes and as you walk further in, you see people dancing their lives off.

I just experienced my first beach party yesterday and it was the most awesomest thing i’ve ever experienced so far!

Had lots of booze and danced (a little bit) but the downside was foreign women (the whites) don’t really take notice of you. So you start dancing to this one hot white drunk chic. As you dance, you slowly unveil your clumsy silly moves and that’s when you see the awkward look on her face.

You realise something’s amiss. So you edge closer to her (still dancing clumsily) and you tell her in the ear, “I’m sorry! I don’t dance that well!”

She starts laughing and says, “Hey same here! Just enjoy yourself!” In your mind you think to yourself, “Not bad! I just spoke to a white chic and she responded! Awesome!!”

So you keep dancing clumsily, and she too becomes comfortable with you. She too, like you, starts unveiling her clumsy moves and then the both of you start to compete with each other to see who dances clumsily best.

And that’s when you pop the question.

Picture this, doing the robot (in a very clumsily way) and you ask her, “Hey what’s your name?”

And she replies in some gibberish way and walks away. I couldn’t catch her name. Was it Mayotcha? Or Yotcha? Or Nirvana? I don’t know…

Rule number one: Never ask their names. Ask them questions and then you move on to the name. Noted.

Anyways, my group are now bunking at Rainbow Lodge, an awesome cool backpacker’s lodge which is run by a guy named Addy. He’s a cool dude and the foreigners here are cool. Extremely friendly. There are Germans, Austrians, Australians, British, Dutch, you name it. Except Iranians though.

Okay I’m logging off. Gonna have an awesome day today as well!


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